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SOLVED: 4 out of 9 drives will not spinn down


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Hi All, 3 out of my 8 data drives and my parity will not auto spin down after 15 min.


I have rebooted the server and waited for it to settle down and for the disks 4-8 to spin down.

After that i cleared the statistics of the drives to check for reads and writes, but don't see any on any of the drives, 5 out of 8 have spun down after 15 min, 3 and the parity did not.


I have used the OpenFiles plugin to check for open files in /mnt/disk and found only one (/mnt/disk4/minio/.minio.sys/format.json), but that disk was spun down.

there were no open files in /mnt/user


Hope somebody can help me figure this out.


Diagnostic and some screenshots attached





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