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  1. Found the problem. On the disks 1-3 and the parity disk the setting for Spin down delay was set to Never ? source of the problem: Operator Error ? = ME ?
  2. Hi All, 3 out of my 8 data drives and my parity will not auto spin down after 15 min. I have rebooted the server and waited for it to settle down and for the disks 4-8 to spin down. After that i cleared the statistics of the drives to check for reads and writes, but don't see any on any of the drives, 5 out of 8 have spun down after 15 min, 3 and the parity did not. I have used the OpenFiles plugin to check for open files in /mnt/disk and found only one (/mnt/disk4/minio/.minio.sys/format.json), but that disk was spun down. there were no open files in /mnt/user Hope somebody can help me figure this out. Diagnostic and some screenshots attached mediaserver-diagnostics-20180729-1134.zip
  3. Hi All, Can i add a dvd player to unRAID, so that i can acces the files on the disk i put in. I already have the makeMKV docker installed and working but i have a lot of disks with files on it i want to transfer to my unRAID server. Thx Rob.
  4. Used the script @wgstarks sugested and stopped all dockers that have file interaction. Ran the parity check and now got it done in 10 h with an avg speed of 111 MB/sec. i'm happy with that so i'm gone run the parity check with most of my dockers down. Thanks all for the help and sugestions
  5. At the time i cancelled the last parity check it was at about 45% if i remember correctly. I will change my backup of the computer and pauze sabnzbd during the parity check. Now i only need a way to pauze radarr and sonarr from scanning during the parity check. Rob.
  6. Last Parity check started to run on sunday oct 29 at 01:00 and i canceled it on monday evening oct 30 at 20:29 Rob
  7. Smart tests all said no errors found. Attached the diagnostic file When i was looking in this file i saw in the Shares section a couple of old and deleted shares, namely: - Disney Movies - Erotic-720 - Movies-1080 - Movies-BR - Movies-SD - MS Progs - Series-RW - Network Trash Folder - Temporary items mediaserver-diagnostics-20171031-1831.zip
  8. Running smart tests on all drives now, will report. Yesterday i got my weekly Array health report back with all OK. I though that the longer parity check was caused by the addition of new data drive. Parity check i ran at oct 2nd was 10h / 109 MB/s Don't have any other parity check reports any more, deleted them. Will archive them from now on to see the trend Report back when smart tests are done Rob
  9. @SSD Can you explain how you do the md5 verification. The parity check on my unraid machine takes more than 36h to run, so i am looking for an early warning system for problems. The drives now all have auto error correction/bad sector swap, but they need to be 'told' that there is a problem and that can be done by reading everything on the drive. I love Spinrite by Steve Gibson to do drive maintenance with but the current version is to slow to run on the modern drives, waiting for version 6.1 so i can do drive maintenance on my unraid drives. Currently running unraid version 6.3.5 with 8x 4TB data disk and 1x 4TB parity disk Rob
  10. I have checked the paths for sabnzbd, radarr and sonarr to be identical and moved the sabnzbd-groups destination for sonarr and radarr into a sub-folder of my main downloads folder. Made sure all the apps point to the right folder and have the same folder mapping in the container settings. Have not have had any problems, no extra folders in the cache and al files get moved to the right destinations by sonarr and radarr Thx for the help.
  11. Hi all, Unraid version: 6.3.5 I have set my shares NOT to use the cache drive, but still they do. I have been downloading some movies using Radarr and Sabnzbd and my new movies end up on the cache drive. The setting in the Movies share is: Use cache disk: NO Enable Copy-on-write: Auto I am running out of space on my cache drive now. Started the mover manually but nothing got moved. Any idees? Rob. mediaserver-syslog-20171015-1507.zip
  12. Hi all, I'm a bit confused. Running unRaid version 6.1.8 and OSX version 10.11.3 When i connect to my movies folder in OSX using AFP i get 196 folders, connection to the same movies folder using SMD i get 229 folders. When i connect to the console of my unRaid server and go to the movies folder and do a ls -l>movie list.txt the first line in the file is total 932 In the file i can see that all folders have the same rights "drwxrwxrwx" and "nobody / users" I have checked some files that we accessible in osx and some files not listed in osx and they also had the same rights Where do i start looking for a solution for this behaviour ? Kind regards, Rob.
  13. Hi there, I have installed the RDP-Calibre combo docker and i try to get the Sharing over Net portion of calibre working. The webRPD part is working great, i have setup the mappings 8080 -> 9090 and 8081 -> 9091 When i go to: serverip:9091/opds i get <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <feed xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/terms/" xmlns:opds="http://opds-spec.org/2010/catalog" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"> <title>calibre Library</title> <subtitle>Books in your library</subtitle> <author> <name>calibre</name> <uri>http://calibre-ebook.com</uri> </author> <id>urn:calibre:main</id> <icon>/favicon.png</icon> <updated>2015-09-27T15:36:27+00:00</updated> <link title="Search" type="application/atom+xml" href="/opds/search/{searchTerms}" rel="search"/> <link type="application/atom+xml;type=feed;profile=opds-catalog" href="/opds" rel="start"/> <entry> <title>By Newest</title> <id>calibre-navcatalog:5ca994e1f74679d1ff943309d26c7dea85e822c9</id> <updated>2015-09-27T15:36:27+00:00</updated> <content type="text">Books sorted by Date</content> <link type="application/atom+xml;type=feed;profile=opds-catalog" href="/opds/navcatalog/4f6e6577657374"/> </entry> <entry> <title>By Title</title> <id>calibre-navcatalog:2f6ad945151cb77327f0a8b06e618698991476f6</id> <updated>2015-09-27T15:36:27+00:00</updated> <content type="text">Books sorted by Title</content> <link type="application/atom+xml;type=feed;profile=opds-catalog" href="/opds/navcatalog/4f7469746c65"/> </entry> </feed> But when i use the serverip:9091/opds in Marvin (IOS9) i only get the list of two items and when i click one i get the message "Cannot download feed. The service might not be available or you are not connected to the internet." Anyone got an idee?
  14. I am about to take out 4 of my old 2TB disks, i have already moved the data of to the 4TB replacements. I have two questions before i start the zeroing process so i can keep my array protected. 1. Can i zero the 4 drives at the same time or do i need to do it 1 by 1. 2. Has anyone an estimate on how long a zeroing process takes eg MB/hour. Thx. Rob.