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  1. You're completely missing the point. We're glad that you integrated it. We're unhappy that our efforts and calls for help were largely ignored over the years. You never even reached out to the folks who maintained it for years. Then you have the gall to say you did it to discourage "unofficial" builds as if it was a bad thing that they provided it for years. Yeah, I'm out, too. Not a fan of a one way street.
  2. Wow. Talk about a slap in the face. @CHBMB and @bass_rock busted their behinds for years to provide a working solution to unraid users with minimal input and no acknowledgement from limetech. They had to do so much trial and error trying to figure out what may or may not have changed in unraid (out of tree drivers and whatnot) with each new version. All of a sudden limetech finally decides to roll out a solution and they want to 'discourage "unofficial" builds of the bz* files'. Nice one.
  3. Hey guys, While running a parity check, I was faced with 128 read errors on one of the disks, and 22 sync errors. The parity check is still ongoing and it seems the errors happened all at once and then stopped. I checked the smart report for the disk and nothing looks (to me) out of the ordinary. My parity check was not correcting, and still has a few more hours to go. Any ideas on how I should proceed? The integrity of my data is of utmost importance. I already have a hot spare, ready to go, but want to make sure that my data is intact before I do something like that. Diagnostics attached Thanks tower-diagnostics-20201113-1557.zip
  4. You can put multiple names in a single server name directive, don't use multiple directives
  5. To clarify, you CAN edit the default site conf to modify or add server blocks. Alternatively you can add more site conf files like you did. Either works
  6. Main conf is /config/nginx/nginx.conf, which includes (imports) /config/nginx/site-confs/default, which contains the main server block and it also includes (imports) all the proxy confs Check out the examples in the default site conf
  7. If you're doing dns validation, you can get wildcard for b by setting extra domains to "b.com,*.b.com" Then to serve wordpress at b.com, set the server name for the wordpress server block to b.com
  8. Then you'll have to create a custom script that does those steps for you during container start: https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/09/14/customizing-our-containers/
  9. How did you update it? The bionic repo has 2.17
  10. Perhaps live server needs to bind so it's accessible from outside the container as opposed to bonding which would only be accessible from inside the container
  11. That's correct. You need to enter your network subnet in the gui settings for it to nat