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  1. Don't run manual commands inside the container unless we ask you to. We don't support that.
  2. Some of your conf files are really old. Delete them and restart the container. Those are including nginx.conf, proxy.conf, ssl.conf, etc.
  3. Make sure your nginx confs (ssl, proxy, nginx, etc.) are up to date. If you didn't customize them, you can delete them and restart the container. There was recently a change regarding websockets.
  4. I'm not the author of that video and am not familiar with it. You'll have to contact the author. All the info we publish is in the github/docker hub readme (linked in the first post) and the docs article I linked above. Typically, if you already own your own domain name, you don't need duckdns. Duckdns is a free alternative to owning a domain name.
  5. This needs to return an ip address: https://dnschecker.org/#A/sonarr.s2white.com See here for details setup info: https://docs.linuxserver.io/general/swag
  6. Sounds like we all have the same first name 😅 The only potential issue I'm aware of is in nextcloud's config.php where you allow a proxy. You'd have to change that to swag if you change the container name (and if you reverse proxy nextcloud)
  7. Code-server already has that functionality built in where it can proxy a service on a port via the port as a sub-subdomain. Look into the proxy_domain env var
  8. Please take this discussion to the appropriate thread. This is the openvpn-as thread. Thanks.
  9. Put in the full url including http:// in app settings
  10. Pfsense on an embedded celeron mobo with 4gb ram, an intel dual gigabit nic (pci-e), cheapest, smallest ssd in the cheapest case with a built in psu.
  11. Those are all some good options, but just a reminder, the name of the app is an acronym so it should be all caps
  12. Put it in the main server block in the default site conf located at "/config/nginx/site-confs/default". That will take care of the main domain and all subfolder proxies.