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  1. https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/04/25/letsencrypt-nginx-starter-guide/
  2. That email means, "one of the certs that you received with that email address is expiring". In this case, it's not the cert that your server is currently using.
  3. 1) turn off cloudflare proxy 2) fix your port forwarding
  4. You can have access to your entire lan in bridge mode. Don't change every setting in the gui, especially don't try and change the server ip. Just add your subnet to the nat settings and check the box to allow clients access to other devices on your lan
  5. Update again. That was already fixed last night
  6. Glad to hear you figured it out. And just an fyi, "Literally just upgraded the container to the latest version" often means "I changed a bunch of other things as well but I can't remember at the moment" 😉
  7. It's been discussed to death. Harmless lua error. Unrelated. Server ready means nginx is up and running. Check your dns settings and port forwarding
  8. https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/07/10/troubleshooting-letsencrypt-image-port-mapping-and-forwarding/
  9. Not sure, it's a docker security feature to block connections between host and macvlan. I don't recommend using macvlan unless you really have to. I only have 2 services on macvlan just so I can set up an ip based rule to let them bypass vpn. But even that is a fringe case
  10. Go back a few pages, there was a detailed overview