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  1. I meant force refresh your browser. Ctrl-F5
  2. You forgot to rename the second variable name in your works one. Fix the last line for proxy pass
  3. Post the new confs you're using and check the error log in the config folder
  4. Try changing the variable name to upstream_nextcloud_works
  5. You can do so through the plug-in. Select a stock build
  6. Return all those values to the defaults. Only add your lan subnet to the routing section
  7. Perhaps read the documentation? On github or docker hub
  8. Download a new client config. Your current config was generated before you fixed the hostname on your server.
  9. Nope. Certbot added an up to 10 minute delay to renewal attempts so no more renewals during container start. Only via cron
  10. Do you shut down your server at night? There should be a renewal attempt every night at 2:08am
  11. Yeah, but it's good to have a backup, in case you can't connect to one for some reason. I have my pfsense one with udp on the standard port, the container on unraid that is tcp stream proxied by letsencrypt on port 80 and wireguard on an rpi3. Some public wifi block all outgoing udp connections and tcp over non-http/s so the port 80 one saved my a$$ quite a few times