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  1. Google repair Plex database. It also backs up the database automatically by default every three days so you can restore one as well.
  2. Also do a refresh of the browser (perhaps a force refresh with ctrl F5 or shift F5)
  3. ?? Check your plugin. 6.7.2 has been supported for about 6 months. Latest 6.8 release candidate is also supported as of yesterday
  4. Cloudflare proxy is an entirely different commercial product with a different purpose, which is beyond the scope of this thread. Please open a new thread to discuss that.
  5. Yup, if you put in your email when you last validated, look out for expiration email, then confirm the expiration date in the browser. If it's expiring in less than 30 days, look for the logs in the config folder to see why it failed.
  6. Cloudflare proxy has a bunch of different settings and depending on how they are set, it can break letsencrypt validation. If yours is working and it validated with the proxy on, then you're fine. But for most people it won't validate as cloudflare will highjack the connections from the letsencrypt server.
  7. Pfsense has dynamic dns support and can update your A records (I'm using it). Your CNAMEs should be pointing to your main A record (alternatively you can have a wildcard CNAME, just a *, which points them all to the main A record)
  8. It really depends on how complicated your setup on HostGator is. I have a website on HostGator that I never switched over to anything because it was so entrenched in and was setup over a decade ago. Also because there were too many mailers set up and I didn't want to bother with hosting a mail server at home so I just left it there. But if it's a relatively simple site, it shouldn't be a big deal. For updating ip on cloudflare, you can use ddclient, or your router may even have that capability (many routers do).
  9. I don't quite follow the second paragraph there. What is your current setup? Just a website running on HostGator with the domain purchased from GoDaddy? And your contemplating switching that to self hosted at home via letsencrypt? In that scenario cloudflare would only be used for dns, for which it does a great job.
  10. Glad to hear it is fixed. But keep in mind that we do not support running manual commands like "certbot renew" inside the container unless we ask you to run a specific one. All the necessary info about renewals is in the readme.
  11. You're mixing and matching elements from subdomains and subfolder proxy method. Which are you trying to accomplish?