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  1. They need to be owned by user 99:100, not root
  2. Create a new server block as a catch all, set it as default, and serve the 404 or block. That way anything that doesn't match another server block will match there
  3. They see the gpu even if you don't pass the gpu id. But they can't connect unless you pass it correctly
  4. You're manually running commands inside the container and heavily customizing it, therefore we can no longer provide support.
  5. It tells you right there in the log. Fix your dns entry for the sonarr subdomain
  6. 502 means letsencrypt can't reach code-server. You likely forgot to put them in the same user defined bridge network
  7. Check the nginx logs to see what ip is listed as the source when you connect over vpn. I suspect it will look like the openvpn container ip as everything is nat'ed through that
  8. We're not the admins of duckdns service. https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/duckdns
  9. You have way too many modifications there. Either contact the author of the guide you used, or use our guide here: https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/04/25/letsencrypt-nginx-starter-guide/
  10. Post what you changed/tried to make it work and we'll take a look
  11. Oh yeah I did overlook on mobile 😄 I thought you were trying to send emails from within the container. That's exactly what you want for proxy. The nginx.conf I believe has a very basic sample in there which you can enable and modify: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-letsencrypt/blob/master/root/defaults/nginx.conf#L85
  12. I recommend unraid console for those operations. Simple "cp sourcefilename targetfilename" will do what you want. And use "nano filename" to edit files
  13. Smh. You see the linuxserver version and the binhex version side by side in your screenshot and you still select the binhex version. Why? Not that there is anything wrong with that version, but I'm asking you to follow the simple steps outlined in the troubleshooting article. We put a lot of time into it and it gets frustrating when users still don't follow them even when we spell them out step by step. The whole point of the troubleshooting article is so you can make sure that your ports are properly mapped and forwarded and that the container is accessible from the internet. Only then, you should try to set up letsencrypt. Otherwise there are too many reasons why it can fail and as you experienced, if it fails a bunch of times, you're throttled. So read the directions carefully.
  14. Did you set up nginx with the same port mappings as letsencrypt and can see the welcome page when you connect to your domain on http port 80 via cell phone with wifi disabled?