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RAM - Single or dual channel?


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I have most of what I'll need for making a smaller-factor build.


NAS file serving is generally all I'm looking for, for the most part.


Ryzen builds - 1 or 2 memory modules? I'd love to wait for prices to come down, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon.


DDR4 2400 generally be fine?


I'll be using an Asus B450 Matx board, with a 2200G.

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15 hours ago, Killer_B said:

DDR4 2400 generally be fine?

Will work for your specified motherboard chipset; you'll want faster DDR4 if you plan on any future overclocking - otherwise yes, DDR4 2400 is supported (I'm looking at this).  Side-note: if you're shopping for new RAM I would go for DDR4 2666 as that is supported and I doubt there is much price break between 2666 and 2400, but if you're looking at using existing DDR4 2400, saving money or whatever, then yes you should be Okay. In the end, with Ryzen build, I would shoot for Duel or Quad-channel, but if all you're doing is NAS file serving single memory module should be fine. If you start tinkering with Docker or VMs then I would recommend bumping up to Duel-channel. 


My two-cents of input; hope it helps.

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