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Clean powerdown remotely


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There are some old topics in the forum and the docs aren't very clear.


I now have the current ver and I'm running docker containers and such.  What is the correct way to cleanly power down the array from the CLI?


the powerdown command has no help


Will that powerdown safely?  I am trying to script it from another machine so I can powerdown everything in case of a storm or something. 



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I would suggest using a UPS, the system will shut down cleanly in the event of a power outage. You need to get a signal to unRAID so that it knows that the power has gone out. A Serial, USB or even an SNMP connection via the network can be leveraged. Make sure that the switch you would send this signal through is also on the UPS if you go with SNMP! :) 


I also found that using the Tips & Tweaks plug-in and selecting "ssh,bash" as the "Processes to kill before Array is Stopped:" helped immensely for shutdowns too.


Also, I can confirm, 'poweroff' works nicely for a clean shutdown, just tried it.


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