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Anything we can do about Battle Eye? [SOLVED]


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I am sure others are having similar issues with no resolve but nearly any game that uses the battle eye launcher. Nearly all Ubisoft games, Ark, R6S, Farcry 5, Etc can't run outside of a virtual machine disk since the launcher doesn't accept unc network paths. 


Has anyone found a workaround to this issue. Perhaps tricking windows into thinking that the network drive is a local drive or do I need to give up and make windows on the array instead of the cache for me local storage to the vm.


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Edit the VM and click the green plus beside the primary vdisk. Select the location and the size you want. When you start the VM, the new volume should be available to format in the disk management section. You can either assign it a drive letter or a sub folder in the VM to mount it to. I'd recommend a drive letter, that way you could mount the same vdisk to multiple VM's and map it to the same drive letter in each one, so you could have multiple VM's access it one at a time if you want and keep the paths the same for the data.

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