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Hi all,


I have been looking at setting up an unraid system for about a month or so and just wanted to ask a few things before i post a parts list for someone to look at and give me the all clear.


The system will be used as a Home Media Server that will be accessed via network by an Nvidia Shield. New media will be sent to the server via my desktop pc.

I dont beleive i will need it to have any other fuctionality other than let me watch my rips over my network in thier raw format via my media player.

From what i have read so far i understand that i can initially setup up say 3 x 8tb drives using 1 for the parity drive and then as i need them add further drives to the array and increase the overall size? With the hardware i am looking at i will eventuallyy want to get to 6x8tb drives which would be the limit of the system.


As i will not need to transcode or any vms etc would 4gb ddr4 ram be sufficient for my needs?


Also question about data storage, say i setup a single movies folder where i dumped all my media into its obviously not like my raid 5 array where all the data is getting spread across multiple drives. Does Unraid allocate new files to different hdds in the array? or are you required to make individual new folders per drive?


Last question, will navigating to the server location from say kodi be like navigiating to my nas i have now (Windows workgroup etc)


Sorry for all the questions but that should clear some of it up.





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11 minutes ago, shazza6887 said:

I actually don't need it for any sort of transcoding, just need watch my rips through the network on the Nvidia shield. I was going to just go for one of those cheap intel dual cores.


Thats ok - you can also try 4GB RAM and see what happens, but you will not be lucky ;-)

But if you need transcoding later, then you have to change the CPU...

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9 minutes ago, shazza6887 said:

I wasn't planning on doing a cache either as once the files are on there they won't be moving. Are you able to comment on any of the other points? 


Thanks for replying.


Cache will be needed by the server itself (Linux need cache) and this will be the RAM - thats why i recommend min. 8GB.

About transcoding: Is the Nvidia shild able "to play ALL fileformats" directly?

If not, then the server must transcode (h265 or something else).

So you cant say you dont need transcoding, if you are not absolutely sure that your client can play all file-formats directly.

And if you plan to use Plex, you need an "installation-drive" for the Plex-docker - and this will be the Cache-SSD.

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