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Read errors on disk


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A little while ago I upgraded my setup to a new case with 24 hot swap bays so I could expand my array having reached maximum capacity in my existing case. At the same time, I added a second controller for the number of disks. All good. Everything transferred over smoothly. After making sure it was all behaving properly, I dug out one of my older disks that I had previously replaced with a higher capacity one, popped it in the new array and pre-cleared it. All went well, it passed. Did SMART tests etc everything passed. Today I got some read errors reported off the disk (67 iirc). I appreciate it was a risk to add in an older disk, but there was nothing wrong with it when it was replaced and the preclear/SMART testing all passed - in fact the SMART testing still reports it as passing. What would the best thing be to do with it now? I presume just clear it off, remove it and shrink the array back down. There is only a small amount of data on it (I made sure of that) and none of it is irreplaceable so I'm not worried about the data on it - just a bit loathe to bin a disk (definitely past it's warranty) unless I have to...

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On 8/15/2018 at 6:20 PM, johnnie.black said:

Either way, but a parity check would likely be faster to detect any issues, just make sure it's non correct.

Hi johnnie, I have now replaced the cable (after some struggles with the SFF 8087 connectors!) and no joy - still getting read errors. I then changed the port on the card and no joy - still getting read errors so I have changed the slot the drive is in - now the drive is on a different backplane using a different cable connected to the other card in the server and no joy - still getting the read errors.


I have attached the revised logs - any more advice? 


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