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Unraid WAN extremely slow


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Hi all,


I seem to have a problem where Unraid is having an extremely slow internet connection and I am not sure where I need to look to fix it.

Let me start by saying that everything internally is as fast as it can go, I can utilize the entire bandwidth of the NIC between all devices on the internal network. The problem appears to be when Unraid is going outside of the network; Checking for updates on dockers, Speedtest.net, downloading docker images etc...


Speedtest is showing a ping response time of 3000+ ms and only a up/download speed of 3 to 4 Mb while the WAN is 400/40.

When I have Unraid check for updates on the docker containers, it will keep checking like forever, if I look like 2 hours later it will know which dockers are ready to be updated. Performing that update will take quite long and when installing a new image, you can actually see it is slowly retrieving the files.


The strangest thing is that the Docker containers and VM's running on the same Unraid box are NOT showing the same symptoms, they work fine to my surprise which seems to rule out the NIC/hardware itself.


Unraid is connected via 2 NIC's, one is an Intel 1Gb port, the other is a 10Gb port by atlantic but running as 1Gb as active-backup setting. I have tried to work with only one NIC (tested both) but that does not change the situation. DNS is set to pi-hole and the connection is full-duplex 1500 MTU. Unraid has a static IP.


The router used is PfSense running on ESXI, for some reason I am suspecting the issue to be here based on the fact that I have ran an Sophos UTM before where I did not had this issue, yet I am unsure if the issue started moving to PfSense or later, unfortunately I have only just noticed the issue.


Anyone have any idea or further tips to give for me to have a look at?

anything would help, thanks in advance.


*Edit: added diagnostics zip file



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