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Server keeps rebooting randomly

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I didn't see anything in a quick glance through your syslog but I am not a real Guru at reading them.   In the majority of these cases of random reboots, the problem is hardware.  I would start with a 24 memtst (unless you have ECC memory) and see if that finds anything.  Then I would suspect the power supply.  There have been several cases where it has been found to the problem.  (I had a brand new PS that was doing this...) 

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3 hours ago, darkgeej said:

Anybody ? :/



Not sure what you expect people to jump in and say.


Random, silent, reboots are quite often caused by issues with PSU, memory or heat unless you have unclean mains power so the problem is outside of the machine. If it's PSU or heat, then the normal way to check is to run burn-in software or just about anything that creates a very high load to make things toasty and consume lots of power from the PSU. If it's the memory, then the normal way is to run a memory tester application - and this is normally done with no other functionality running to avoid having something else affect the stress-test patterns the memory test application is subjecting the memory for.

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I found a indication on the Spiceworks community that power saving settings can interfere with server operations and cause random reboots. I'm struggling with the exact same thing myself at the moment so that is the solution i will try to apply. I know this is an old thread but i hope it can help you if you still have server issues.


Source: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2004865-custom-supermicro-server-rebooting-everytime-the-os-installer-starts-any-os

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