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Random Reboots


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I was having random reboots as well, with nothing ever in the logs (like yours).  The frequency of them increased over time, but running Common Problems in troubleshooting mode appeared to extend the time between reboots.  Ultimately it seems to have been my power supply (7+ yr old Corsair 550 watt)  Replaced that with a new EVGA 500 watt and so far at least, the reboots have stopped.

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Thanks for the response. I finally got around to swapping out the power supply.  Unless that power supply is also bad, it only made matters worse.  Now it doesn't reboot, it just shuts down.  At the boot up screen I get the message that drive 3 is missing, hit F1 to continue.  When I do that it will boot up to the login screen and I can log into the server.  As soon as I start the array it will stay up for a few minutes, then turn off.  Not sure if my new logs captured anything, but I have attached them.



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2 hours ago, Pitmaster said:

drive 3 is missing, hit F1 to continue

Its because your controller is in IR mode, and you've set up a number of different JBOD arrays on the controller, and the drive itself is not being found.  You will get better results when utilizing a software Raid (such as unRaid, ZFS, etc) by flashing the controller if possible to be in IT mode

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I think I fixed the missing drive 3 issue with a BIOS setting.  Now when it boots up it says DIMM error memory config has changed.  I have checked and all of the fans are running properly.  I started the array and it has been up now for 10 minutes.  I am running it with the cover off so that may help if it was indeed over heating.  I am going to let it run for a little bit more with the cover off before I button it all up and reboot it.

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20 minutes ago, Pitmaster said:

I am running it with the cover off so that may help if it was indeed over heating. 



This may help with keeping the CPU cool but it usually results in Hard Drive overheating because most servers really pack the Hard Drives into confined area.  Most folks are setting the air flow through their cases by setting it so the air comes in the front of the case, flows over the Hard Drives and then is exhausted at the rear.  The 'secret' to keeping the CPU and MB cool is to keep it clean by blowing the dust and dirt out paying close attention to any cooling fins and the areas around the Hard Drives.  And make sure that CPU fan is actually spinning.  Remember that when you remove that side, you are depending on convention to get the heat out rather than a force air cooling situation.  The only time when this is not true is if you can't feel any air movement out of the case when you put your hand in front of a fan.  (Note if you really want to test for overheating with the side off, put a big box fan in front the side and blow air in!) 


For both of my servers, I am using Hard Drive hotswap drive bays (with no fans).  I have filled every fan opening in the back of the case with a fan and they all blow out.  Normally, The hard drive temperatures are in the mid 30'S.  If I take the side off they rapidly climb to around 40C.  

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