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File numbers not same in windows and Krusader


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I copied a drive to my array. After the copy was complete In Krusader the file numbers and size on disk was equal for the drive and the folder I was copying it into. But when I look at that folder in windows through the network (via properties)  it has significantly less files and volume. Thinking that the disparity might be the way windows vs krusader is viewing the files I plugged in the identical (backup drive) of the one being copied to my computer and looked at them both in windows (via properties) and the exact same disparity is there.  Any thoughts on a solution?   I'm almost sure that this is just a visual thing and that all the files are really there and copied and I can relax BUT it would be better if I can set this up so that the numbers looking at the folders are the same in the network on widows as they are in the web platform,  otherwise I'll be left wondering. 


unraid server pro  v 6.5.3

Windows 10 pro 

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Two factors, possibly. First, Krusader includes all files in a folder while there's an option for certain "hidden" files in shares to be hidden from Windows. Second, some applications display kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes as powers of 10 while others display them (incorrectly) as powers of 2.

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