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Looking for alternative to Eyefi and Keenai


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So for years now i have been using Eyefi and Keenai to automatically copy my photos off my phone to my server in folders by the date.

Unfortunately it looks like both are no longer going to be supported.


So I was looking for something new to use...I basically want it to move all photos off my phones to a folder named for the date it was taken.(for example 2018-09-04)

Again Eyefi and Keenai did this with no issue for years untill now I got a email telling me they are killing the service.


Any suggestion would be helpful


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6/7/2020 I have been using Keenai for years it worked with win 7, it worked with win 10 home after I upgraded, but i just upgraded to win 10 pro and can't get it to work, I have tried everything, firewalls off, it connects and says it's transferring but no photos come across, I have a flashair card and a mobi card, they both worked ok, well sometimes this problem would crop up occasionally and all I had to do was reinstall Keendi and it would work agan, I figured a DLL file must have been corrupted or something, but it wasn't a problem since it only took a minute to reinstall,  but now nothing can't get it to work, does anybody know what is going on or can recommend a new program for my desktop, I don't want to use it on my phone. HELP !!

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