(Solved) Constant crashes

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My server was working fine until last night when my router broke. As I couldn't use the server while my wifi was down I powered down and now whenever I attempt to reboot I get crashes that occur after 1-2 minutes of the server starting. The crash requires a hard reset to rectify. I first tried using safe mode, but just got the same errors. Then I tried using a new flash drive, just by copping everything over, but had the same issue. Then I tried downloading a new copy of unraid and only transferring the config to the new flash but that did not work either. I have also tried running windows to do stress testing and running mem test and both came out clear. At this point, I can't think of any other issues I might have. The server is connected to the internet and can send and receive files for the 2 minutes that it works. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.


Edit: I was on 6.5.3 before switching flash drives and after I was on 6.6.6


Edit 2: Solved, was an issue with the cache drives and a combination of a few other things.

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