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Server crashing randomly after hardware upgrade.

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I recently changed from an Intel I5 to Ryzen 7 2700x with a MSI x470 Gaming Pro. I also added an M.2 drive for the cache. The server was up and running fine for about 10 days doing Plex server duties with some handbrake conversions not much else. This morning the Server was unresponsive. I couldn't ping it or SSH to it. After a reboot, it came up for a few minutes then crashed again. I have tried it several times with several different steps and get the same thing it comes up for a few minutes or even an hour then bang it's down again.


I have C-states disabled on the MB and the newest Bios.

I added rcu_nocbs=0-15 to the syslinux configuration.

I tried starting it in safe mode.

I tried booting it and leaving the array offline.


No matter what I try it seems to do the same thing, up for a short time then down.


I'm about to put the old Intel CPU and MB back but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone has any suggestions.

syslog (3)

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Double check that all power connectors are securely and fully inserted.  Same for the RAM modules.  Unless you have ECC memory, run memtst for 24 hours minimum (It is an option in the Boot Menu.)  Connect a monitor to the console so that you can see if there are any clues there.  (Take a picture of the screen making sure the photo is sharp and clear. )  Check the MB and CPU temperatures (with the Dynamix System Temperature plugin).

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Thanks, Frank I forgot to say I ran the MEMTEST and it was clean but I will run once more so I can take a picture of the result. I will also confirm MB/CPU Temps, I didn't think of that. I will post again tonight.

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Posted (edited)

I did not mean to take a picture of the results of memtst but rather after the system has crashed.  Hopefully, there is will be something on the screen.  You can also install the Fix Common Problems plugin and turn on its 'Troubleshooting' mode.  That will write files to the   logs   directory of your flash drive.  Upload those logs after the crash.   With your system being new, it  could be possible that you have one of those new components in a failure mode. 


Running the memtst was the first step in trying to isolate the problem.  If the crashes are getting closer together, it might be advantageous to run it again. Plus, memory is one of the easiest to change out if defective (or suspect).  

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5 passes on MEMTEST so far no errors found.


Any other suggestions?

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What is current status?  If the  problem is still happening and it still does it in Safe Mode, you probably have a hardware problem.  Hopefully a Hardware  Guru ( like @johnnie.black )  Will have a look at that screen photo of the console monitor that you posted.  


Beyond that, Since the memory does not appear to be an issue, I would be looking at the remaining hardware.  Since that Ryzen 7 2700X is a relativity high power consumption chip, I would have a good look at the PSU.  (PSU's have been the culprit  in several similar problems recently.)  You may have one laying around, borrow one from a friend or see if you can 'borrow' one from a vendor with a liberal return policy. 

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If it was working fine for a few days and now crashes constantly there's likely a hardware problem, though booting in safe mode is a good idea to rule out other issues.

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That was my thought as well, I reverted to my Intel I5 CPU and MB setup last night and my rig has now been running for 24 hours with no issues.


I'm going to return the Ryzen gear and try again in a few months.


Thanks to everyone for all the support. 

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