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Linux Mint VM template.

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Hello, two quick questions if I may, having just successfully installed a Win 10 VM (chuffed) 🤣


i would like to install a Linux Mint (Cinammon ver 19.x) VM and am wondering which Linux Template would be best?


How much disk space should I allow for the install? I will only be installing a few apps and doing some web browsing.


Thanks in advance. 👍

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@Jetjockey Mint is based on Debian, Ubuntu. Try one of these, i guess both will work. Can't remember which one i have chosen. I have a 30GB vdisk attached whith a allocation of 7-8GB for a basic Mint 19 xfce install. 

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Thank you.




How do you set up / allocate a Vdisk? I thought they were normally set up from DDR memory, but obviously not 30GB. I’m setting up my virtual machines to operate from the SSD Cache drives for speed..





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