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Aaron Oz

Moving Files & Removing Drive

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Big drives are so cheap now, that I'd like to start reducing the number of drives in my server. I read the instructions on how to do it via 2 different methods. Looks good, no problem.

The question I have comes to manually moving all the files off that drive, and onto another. One of the folders on the drive I'd like to remove contains a lot of Plex data. What I see are hundreds of folders within folders, but only a few of them have any files. Which makes sense, because that folder is shared across many drives.


From a windows interface, what would happen if I just move that folder from the drive I'm removing, to another drive that already has that folder? I believe windows is going to ask me if I want to replace it... but I don't want it to replace anything. Will it just move any of the files into existing sub-folders on the other drive?


Or maybe there a more intelligent way to move the folders via SSH? I know enough Linux to get by, but a command to move only files from one folder to another that already exists in another drive, is beyond my knowledge.


Thanks for any thoughts!

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Take a look at the Unbalance plugin

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