Help using dockers with my own domain name and ssl and not letsencrypt


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Hello everyone,


New user to unraid.  Just moved over from Qnap.  Still on trial of 6.6.6.  Loving everything about unraid and ready to make the plunge to purchase except for this most annoying feature (or lack thereof) in unraid.


For the life of me I cannot understand why unraid devs make it so difficult to use one’s own domain name and ssl cert instead of a dnns service and letsencrypt.

I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to work with the letsencrypt docker using reverse proxy (following spaceinvaderone’s videos) and the bottom line is, for a home environment, port 80 is not accessible by isp so letsencrypt will never work. 


Whenever I have used it, I’ve had to use the dns challenge along with my domain name (not a dnns service), but that appears to be missing from the letsencypt docker.


I know the ports are forwarded correctly cause I can reach one of my dockers from the domain name outside my lan, and fortunately Plex has its own thing going when it comes to resolving domain names from outside the network.


So I really only need nextcloud and a few other dockers to work.


In an ideal world in the identification section where I add my ports and domain name, I should be able to add the location of the cert and key, hit save and all is good. 

But unraid seems to be obsessed with using letsencrypt and nothing else.  It's really weird.


So my question – is there anyway to setup Unraid to use my own ca and domain name without using letsencrypt?  If so, where do I enter the key and cert.  And then, how do I setup to use with a docker like, for instance, nextcloud?


Thanks (sorry for the ramble). 


PS - mods please move if posted in the wrong section.

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