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Replacing current video card

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Hello there, I currently have Unraid 6.6.6 running with an i5 cpu and use that igpu as primary for unraid itself. In the pcie slot I currently have a Radeon HD6450 which is passed through to a windows 10 VM, using only the default windows drivers.


I am about to replace the current card with a Radeon RX580.

Would best practice be to start this VM, remove video card HD6450 device and shut down before replacing with the new one, passing through and starting VM?

Or is the step where I am removing the card from windows device manager not really needed as they are both AMD cards, if different models?

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I´m not really sure, but I would go the safe way:


1) Start your VM, remove HDxx, shutdown VM

2) Shutdown server and replace GPU, startup server

3) Edit XML and pass new GPU to VM

4) Start VM, Windows will detect the new GPU, install driver


For safety reasons, hold a backup of the old config

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Thanks for that reply. It was what I was thinking to do as that would be my own logic. Just wanted to know if it was really required.

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Well I have had a lot of hassle getting the hdmi audio working properly (with bitstreaming passthrough). I spent a lot of time tinkering and reading to try and solve the issue.

It is necessary to use older amd drivers and the audio drivers I can use are a bit older than the video drivers.

I was constantly losing the audio until I changed the machine type to Q35 by copying my virtual discs and creating a new template with Q35 instead of if4400fx. But now I have done that everything seems to be working OK.

So anyone else suffering with losing audio and having to default to the M$ stereo drivers try changing to Q35.

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