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  1. Shouldn´t be a problem. In the past I bought several parts outside Germany, for example from english, spanish or french Amazon as well as other shops. And I also bought from US (Amazon). And it depends on your customs if you have to pay additional taxes for import. So good luck for your search.
  2. Not here in Germany, starting at 360€, https://geizhals.de/?cat=mbsp3 Same with CPU, starting at 390€, https://geizhals.de/?cat=cpuamdam4&xf=12099_Server~820_SP3
  3. Nothing more to say, agreed completely. Yup, usually 4 ports only. Maybe one of the new upcoming boards for Ryzen 3000 in mini ITX. Yes, this would be the cheapest solution. Search on Ebay for a better socket 1150 CPU as well as cheap RAM, the board is ready up to 32GB. If you´re not going to use it for VM´s for gaming try to find cheap CPU and RAM on Ebay. If you want to go for the future try to sell your stuff and go with new hardware. It´s up to you to go with Intel or AMD. Are you fixed on mini ITX due to your case? Because then you always have to compromise somehow. Anyway, keep us informed what´s your decision. Might be helpful for somebody in a similar situation.
  4. Hi guys, a big big thumb up for jordanmw for posting and trying to inform the owner. But also to the community here where everybody can get a solution for different problems.
  5. Here you are: https://www.nanoxiausa.com/collections/spare-parts Sorry for that, available just in EU https://www.icydock.de/goods.php?id=139 Again sorry, EOL https://www.caseking.de/en/lian-li-ex-36a1-hdd-rack-silver-geli-478.html Maybe have a look on ebay for Lian Li EX-36A1 http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/accessories/hdd-drive-tray-kit-type-a http://www.fractal-design.com/home/where-to-buy?continent=n.america Good luck with your search
  6. Depends on your purpose. Just usual stuff like office, internet, youtube, etc. or gaming? If daily use just for office, internet, youtube, etc. I would suggest a Turing GPU, starting at approx. 150€ (GTX 1650) or Radeon GCN 4 (RX 570/RX 560D) starting at 115€. If gaming the decision is somewhat difficult. It depends on games (old ones or new ones/triple A/Block Buster) and your resolution, FHD, WQHD or even 4K UHD? As an example see my signature. The GPU in my physical gaming rig is from October 2016 (price was 460€, still in warranty til October 2021). Still good enough for FHD or WQHD in max. settings with Wolfenstein 2, Far Cry 5, Battlefield 1, just to name some games. My monitor is an old BenQ XL2420T, a FHD TN-display with 120 Hz, but still okay. Usually I use dynamic screen resolution if possible, so games will be rendered internal with WQHD/4K UHD or even greater.
  7. Why don´t you make an order from Germany or any other country? I did this in the past for some parts, ordered in UK, USA or other countries. Here´s the link to Mindfactory (direct to the mentioned board), a german shop: 55€ incl. VAT, around £47 https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Gigabyte-GA-AX370M-Gaming-3-AMD-X370-So-AM4-Dual-Channel-DDR4-mATX-Reta_1229296.html Just put it in your basket, proceed to pay and see what happens when you enter a british address. Or try the german Amazon site (direct to the mentioned board): 69€ incl. VAT, so roughly £60 https://www.amazon.de/Gigabyte-GA-X370M-GAMING-Mainboard-PC4-25600U-DDR4-3200/dp/B079JTRWPC/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=GA-AX370M-Gaming+3&qid=1554974084&s=gateway&sr=8-1 If you have an account on Amazon, just login to www.amazon.de with your credentials, it works. I did it on the US-site as well as on the UK-site. The system will welcome you with your name. If you have any trouble with translation use Google Translator or much more better this one: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator It´s worth a try to safe you a lot of money.
  8. Hi there, have a look on my sig. I´m really satisfied with my Gaming-Rig based on the mentioned Gigabyte. If you´re not in a hurry I would wait for the upcoming Ryzen 3000 and see which existing boards will support these new CPU´s. As for sure I read that B450 and X470 willget BIOS updates to run the new Ryzen. I don´t know if B350 and X370 will get these updates too. If you don´t want to wait you can go with following: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AX370M-Gaming-3-rev-1x#kf It´s the cheapest one here in Germany selected by what you mentioned. It also comes with 6 SATA ports and of course M.2, supporting SATA and PCIe. Price here in Germany incl. VAT is 55€. Next more expensive boards are at least in a 10-15€ higher price range. Will go up to 130€.
  9. That´s what I would do. The advantage is (thinking ahead) the ability to replace your 4TB drives with bigger ones in the future.
  10. Google is your friend, my german fellow (saw your link will guide to a german webshop): https://www.aquantia.com/products/aqtion-nics/aqtion-aqn-107/ So the NIC should be supported by Linux. Maybe there are some users in this forum using this MoBo respectively the NIC. But take a look on https://geizhals.de/asrock-x470-taichi-ultimate-90-mxb7h0-a0uayz-a1804397.html Much more cheaper on other webshops😎🖖
  11. Depends on you purpose. My PlexMediaServer is running via Docker as well as other apps like Krusader (filemanager via webgui). Docker and VM´s are on my cache SSD. The prices for SATA SSD´s are decreasing, here some examples (incl. VAT) from the cheapest ones in Germany: 120GB for approx. 20 USD 240GB for 30 USD 480GB for 57 USD 1TB for 110 USD 2TB for 260 USD So you can get a lot bang for the buck. And you have the full speed of your GBit-network while copying big data to the storage, for example copy a few movies like you mentioned in a single slide (100, 200, 300 or more GB). I would spent a few bucks for a cache SSD, especially with a view to expansion in the future. See my sig, 480GB Cache SSD on main rig, 120GB on backup.
  12. That´s a very good advice. KODI is one of my future tinker projects. I don´t have an audio setup like this, just a soundbar below TV. I use Plex on my Shield (bought mine in 2015) and I´m still very satisfied with it. Runs flawless and the support from Nvidia is really good. Look at the release notes (model 2015): https://shield.nvidia.com/support/nvidia-android-tv/release-notes/1 Starting with Android 5 we are now on Android 8. They added more and more apps over the time.
  13. Yes, that´s no problem. See my sig. Mediatower is housing 1x 4TB-Parity, data drives for the array are 4x 2TB, 2x 3TB and 1x 500GB. Cache is a 480GB-SSD Sandisk Plus. As long as my drives are healthy I won´t replace them. Oldest disk (WD20EARX) has almost 21000 power on hours. So, Idon´t have any problems.
  14. Don´t you have a possibility to use USB 3.0? I´m sure this will triple the speed.
  15. I´m not really sure, but I would go the safe way: 1) Start your VM, remove HDxx, shutdown VM 2) Shutdown server and replace GPU, startup server 3) Edit XML and pass new GPU to VM 4) Start VM, Windows will detect the new GPU, install driver For safety reasons, hold a backup of the old config
  16. Hi fmp4m, I apologize for any inconvinience, that was really not my intention. I just wanted to point out the possibility for recertified drives. So I´m very sorry. Won´t happen again.
  17. Hi there in ZA, Germany speaking, no problems here, our power grid is rock stable. We have a lot of energy providers, private companys as well as companys in the hands of cities or communities. We also have a lot of resellers of energy, so this market is very competitive. In 2014 I was on a business trip in ZA, Midrand. We were fighting for an order for the new powerstations Medupi and Kusile. So I know your problems with loadshedding very well. We had several ones within 3 months. But the most sentence about this I heard was: "That´s Africa" So I can feel with you.
  18. Parity rebuild done, duration roughly 13 hours at approx. 130 MB/s. Former parity check with the failed Toshiba was around 7-8 hours with roughly 140-150 MB/s. Short smart test of recertified HGST passed without errors, extended smart test started this morning, expected finish is today night at 01:00. Meanwhile I´m rechecking the failed Toshiba in my main system. Preclear is running.
  19. Yeah, agreed. Many years ago I had a terrible expirience with a failing disk at work. We made software for electric checkout for our customers in the automotive industry. So, I was sent out to one of our customer to update the software. The used PC (they are running usually 24/7) was a small industrial brick, something with a 386-CPU, a few megs of RAM and so on. The harddisk was something around 20 megs or so. OS was FlexOS, nowerdays a discontinued RTOS. So I updated the software including drivers and finally had to reboot the tiny box. Bad surprise, no MBR found. The disk was dead. The customer was not amused and kicked me off his factory, no permission for the next 6 months. It was not my fault, it was just bad luck. But you will a power event after updating/upgrading OS when you have to reboot the server. Both servers in my flat will spin down the disks after 15 minutes or so and will go to sleep after additional 15-30 minutes. If I need them I wake them up via Wakeonlan, it´s just a few seconds.
  20. Hi guys, as announced here´s my expirience with the recertified HDD. Started preclear on saturday , finished (1 cycle) yesterday. Starting speed 188 MB/s Pre-read and post-read average speed 146 MB/s duration (each approx. 11 hours and 20-25 minutes) Zeroing 142 MB/s duration around 11 hours and 30-45 minutes Today after work I will replace the failed parity disk. This will lead to more work for the HGST building the parity. When finished I will do an extended smart test on the disk to be sure everything is okay. This should be done within 17-18 hours (info in smart showed the duration between 1000-1100 minutes). So, I will keep you informed about that process.
  21. Hi guys, I have to replace the parity disk (4TB Toshiba MD04-ACA400) of my backup system, smart errors. Ordered a recertified 6TB HGST Ultrastar He⁶ Bulk HUS726060ALA640-FR SATA III. Usual price (not recertified) here in Germany is about 310€, recertified is 144€. Will share my expirience when I pick it up from post office tomorrow. Will do a preclear on my main system because of a docking station inside the case. If disk passes the preclear, okay thumbs up. If not, back to dealer.
  22. What about something like this, HPE ProLiant MicroServer or Dell PowerEdge? This is ready to run out of the box. Get it new or used with or without disks. Or DIY. Watchout for small case, mainboard, CPU and RAM. Depends on your requirements and your money.
  23. jonathanm and electron286 are completely right. If this would be a private project for your own, go on, open your wallet really wide for the hardware and spent a lot of time (and this will be a huge amount of time) building and creating all the stuff. But don´t do anything like that for a customer. It will be a mess. One or both of you will be very unlucky and disappointed. The whole stuff will work for a while, until an update or any other reason. Here are some points which might be useful: 1) My ripped (using MakeMKV) Blu-Rays in 2k (so 1080 or FHD) have a size of 20-50 GB, no compression with Handbrake or something like that. I like to have audio complete, not only german. I don´t know the size of ripped Blu-Rays in 4k. 2) As a rule of thumb, transcoding 2k-videos Plex needs 2000 points in Passmark. The CPU you mentioned reaches 11367 points, so maximum capable of 5 2k-streams concurrently. Have a look on this: https://support.plex.tv/articles/201774043-what-kind-of-cpu-do-i-need-for-my-server/ So the E-5 2620 v4 is not even strong enough for one 4k-stream in SDR, not to mention in HDR (17000 points). If you want to achieve this, think about a CPU starting at 1000$ and more. 3) Forget transcoding. Just buy useful stuff which is ready to work together with Plex. The Nvidia Shield TV works perfect, I bought mine in 2015 and I´m still satisfied. So you don´t have to mess around with Netflix, Prime Video, etc. Or try a Raspberry Pi with Plex Media Player for embedded platforms, works also very good. 4) To rip such a huge amount of disks try to build your own ripstation with vortexbox, have a look here: https://www.vortexbox.org/ You don´t need powerful hardware, a single core CPU around 1 GHz, 2-4 GB RAM and 30 GB for OS is enough. Maybe you have something like this laying around, unused and forgotten in your home. Use Google for searching "Ripping from multiple drives simultaneously vortexbox". It works really flawless. Rips DVD´s as well as Blu-Rays and CD´s. But there is manually work waiting for you, give the rips the right name before you put them in the media library of Plex. Plex needs correct naming of media files to find and match them, for example "Batman Begins (2005).mkv". Best wishes in advance for your project.
  24. Just to make it clear. 1) You are on the trial with 17 days left? 2) You wanna know if you can switch from trial to basic, plus or pro without loss of any data (no matter what)? Answer=Yes, it´s possible. Just buy the license you need and follow instructions. That´s it. You won't regret it.