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  1. hitman2158

    New to unRaid, lot's of questions

    Welcome aboard, stranger.
  2. hitman2158

    Using ethernet to extend usb

    Please make short diagram of your setup. I don´t understand what you mean.
  3. hitman2158

    docker columns

    Change from basic view to advanced view, now you have the "Log column" on the right with info when docker was created.
  4. hitman2158

    Update your BIOS

    Unfortunately both of my servers won´t get any updates. Media Server: ASUS P8Z77 WS latest BIOS installed, Version 3505 from 2013/04/01 Backup Server: ASUS A88XM-A latest BIOS installed, Version 3001 from 2016/04/08
  5. hitman2158

    So unRAID then...

    See my sig. I have 2 unRAID servers. So 2 licenses. Yes, I spend money for it. Yes, it is absolutely worth it. The other members pointed it out. You´re going to buy 8 or 10 TB drives, but don´t have the money for 1 license? That doesn´t really make sense. But there are also other solutions free of charge. Openmediavault, see https://www.openmediavault.org/ There´s a plugin for SnapRAID inside OMV, see https://www.snapraid.it/ You don´t have to use NAS4FREE or FREENAS or OPENMEDIAVAULT. Just download any Linux server distro of your choice, see https://distrowatch.com/ If you´ve choosen the right one for you install and begin to configure your system free of charge. Meanwhile we in this forum can drink beer and have tons of snacks, BBQ and fun with our wifes. Oh, and good luck when updating or upgrading your free of charge system to the next version. On unRAID there´s an easy way if something goes wrong, done by a community plugin Backup & Restore. It´s done in a pitty. And we´re good to go again. So, choose wisely.
  6. Why is this outdated? This stuff is still more than good enough for gaming in 1080 or 1440.
  7. See my sig. My backup system is good enough with 8GB (just backup purpose), media system is quite fine with 32GB (right now just inhouse streaming with plex and a few small dockers).
  8. hitman2158

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    Primary task of unRAID is to work as a server, giving you the possibility to store and secure (with parity, but you don´t have to use it/I would highly recommend it). Create different shares for your data like movie, music, photo etc. Create different users for their data. Like this: \share\documents_mom_dad give access rights to mom and dad \share\documents_son_daughter give access rights to mom and dad and son and daughter Please have a look on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA That´s the youtube channel from spaceinvader one aka gridrunner in this forum. His videos are really awsome and very good explained. I think this will also give you an anser to question #2 What will be be the purpose of the SSD? Maximum is the amount of real/virtual cores. But keep in mind that OS need some CPU and RAM as well as VM´s or Dockers. OC of the system should be possible via BIOS, but be careful. This is not as easy as it looks like. I don´t know, sorry. Not really sure, but should be possible via plugin unassigned disk devices I don´t know, sorry. 7) What kind of USB hubs will be working with UnRaid software? I don´t know, sorry.
  9. hitman2158

    New Ryzen Build

    I think he has to install a separate sata controller
  10. hitman2158

    Unraid Showing Wrong Capacity

    Post your setup please. Including current situation and future situation after change or add new drives. Parity must be at least same or bigger than biggest data drive. Have a look on my signature. My backup server has 5 identical drives of each 4TB, Toshiba MD04ACA400. My media server has different drives, parity is a WD with 4TB, data drives are a bunch of 2TB, 3TB and 500GB.
  11. hitman2158

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    what´s that meaning?
  12. hitman2158

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    Network Interface Card
  13. hitman2158

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    If you want to install 3 independent VM´s, you´ll need 3 independent GPU´s. That´s for your purpose. Be sure to choose the right ones which support your programs. And don´t forget to think about also 3 independent NIC´s.
  14. Looks like an IRQ problem. Probably your network adapter shares the IRQ with the 8x slot. I would suggest to try with a Linux Live Distro to find out, if this only happens with Windows or also with Linux. Download Ubuntu or whatever you want. Burn the ISO onto a DVD or use an Image Writer to bring it on a USB stick. Find a distro here: https://distrowatch.com/ Find a writer here: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-tools-make-bootable-usb-iso-file/ Rufus is okay as well as YUMI or UNetbootin Good luck
  15. This shouldn´t happen with SI-PEX40071. I´m using this controller inside my Mediatower with unRAID, see my sig. Usually use the standard AHCI-driver from Windows. Here´s installation procedure: Navigate to Device Manager. In the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers sections, find "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" ====================================================================================================== If card is device is not recognized in Device Manager: Remove the card and seat it into an available PCIe v2.0 slot of any size larger than x2 (x2/x4/x8/x16) ====================================================================================================== Right-click and Update Driver Software. Select: Browse my computer for driver software. Select: Let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer. Check in: Show compatible hardware. Click Standard SATA AHCI Controller Click Have Disk button Click Browse, navigate to Driver Windows files: 92XX > Windows OS > Bit Version (i386 = 32bit;amd64 = 64bit) > mvs91xx.inf ; click next Window will prompt that the driver has no digital signature, Select: 'Install these drivers anyway' Drivers should be installed. Have a look on http://www.sybausa.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=160 to find downloads for the controller. Same thing with Ableconn PEX10-SAT 10 Port SATA 6G PCI Express Compatibility: No driver installation is required. The AHCI drivers are natively built-in on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2008, 2012, Linux, Mac 10.x and later. Your MoBo is a real Oldie, maybe there´s an inompatiblitiy MoBo and these tye of controllers. I would suggest to contact Gigabyte-Support. Or try a different OS like unRAID or a Linux Live Distro like Ubuntu or something like that.