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Hello All,


Just wanted to say that so far, after several months or so using unRAID, very satisfied user. Still learning every day.


Thought it was so cool, maybe this was added before rc4, but when I clicked on "edit" box on dashboard page, I found the Case Model popup. Lo and behold, devs put my case in there, Thermaltake Core WP200! Haven't seen anyone using that case in the unRAID forums, at least not that anyone's mentioned. It doesn't seem like a very popular case, but it fit my needs perfectly. Haven't seen much about it even on Reddit.


As a friend mentioned while I was searching for parts for the build, "If you're gonna put quite a bit in the machine, why not just spend a little more for something you will be satisfied with and use for a long time?" This got me to thinking about several aspects of the build, such as the case and power supply. Ended up with this monstrosity of a case and the (currently) only digital PSU that has gallium nitride transistors, the Corsair AX1600i. Yeah, way overkill for anything but 3 or 4 top-tier video cards and everything else, but it's really built to last and extremely efficient.


Thanks for reading a couple thoughts from a new, still learning, but quite happy user of unRAID.



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That's really quite the coincidence. It's quite difficult to find anyone that owns one of these cases outside of just a few people that posted little videos on YT. It's not the kind of case that "pops" in your face like so many out there. Someone could make it like that if they worked at it, but it's not really designed that way. More utilitarian and just plain big. Someone on Reddit said it's almost like a small apartment, and that's true; I can almost fit my old Thermaltake Armor case inside the main "bay" or whatever you want to call each side.


Thanks for thinking of me, and have a great day!

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