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  1. Update: The good news is that the server is not failing to boot after adding the GPU pci ids to the vfio-pci.ids line in the syslinux config. I just needed to wait longer for the server to boot and come back online. The bad news is I'm still having the same issue...The video output for the VM is not displayed on the monitor. Also, after starting the VM, and also stopping it later, the server will not respond to a shutdown/reboot and I need to hardboot it to get it responding again. Anyone have any other ideas?
  2. I'll add some screenshots to hopefully help visualize this. With ACS override set to Both, system devices shows the following. The USB controller and GPU/audio I want to pass through are in groups 15, 31, and 32... I have this line in the syslinux config. 1022:43b9 is for the USB controller from group 15 in the above screenshot. I add the GPU/audio and USB controller to the VM form as shown below and click Update. The resulting XML is below and looks to be correct... I then add multifunction='on' to the 6th line and update
  3. It's the onboard USB controller I mentioned in my post. The onboard bluetooth runs through this USB controller and I'm using it to connect an XBox One controller for gaming input. This USB controller has the same address through all the testing and I have no issues booting or passing through the USB controller with just that ID on the line. I have tried this. After using ACS override the USB controller, GPU video, and GPU audio are each in their own IOMMU group. Adding the addresses for the GPU and associated audio to the vfio-pci.ids line causes the server not to boot as mentioned.
  4. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. My apologies. Where can I verify the vfio PCI addresses? When I add the GPU and GPU audio to the VM template it has the same slot numbers (5 & 6) like it did when the card was physically installed in the other slot, if that's what you mean. I normally add multifunction='on' to the 6th line and then change the slot value and function in the 13th line to be 0x05 and 0x1, respectively, but I didn't change it for the screenshot below. Are you saying to add the addresses(from system devices) to the vfio-pci.ids= line in the sy
  5. I'm working on passing through a GPU and USB controller to a Windows 10 VM. Below are the components I'm working with. Ryzen 5 2600 Radeon HD 5670 Asrock X370 Taichi mobo (top two x16 slots run at PCIe 3.0 x8/x8 when both are populated. The bottom x16 slot runs at PCIe 2.0 x4) ( To start off, I had 2 HBAs in the top two x16 slots (PCIe 3.0 x8/x8) and the GPU in the bottom x16 slot (PCIe 2.0 x4). With that configuration, the USB controller I needed to pass through was in the same IOMMU group as the GP
  6. Thanks to gfjardim, he added it to the Server part of the dashboard under Power. He also added the footer display OK, got that working now. I was not seeing UPS info in either of the areas you mentioned. I had to set the 'Display Page Footer' option in Settings>NUT Settings to Yes in order to see it in either location. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, I'm running Unraid 6.8.3 and just updated NUT to 2020.03.17. I no longer see the UPS status info on the top of the Dashboard page. It is still available from Settings>NUT Setting page though. Is the change on the Dashboard page expected? Thanks!
  8. Looks like it's working fine for me now. Initially the values for Model, S/N, size, etc wouldn't show when starting the preclear, but a reboot fixed that. Thanks for the fix!
  9. I'm trying to clear a few disks and running into a problem. The status shows 'starting...' for a few seconds and then goes right to 'Preclear Finished Successfully'. I get the following in the log... Jan 16 23:43:27 preclear_disk_5VMCHPMH_22837: Command: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/preclear.disk/script/ --cycles 2 --no-prompt /dev/sdg Jan 16 23:43:27 preclear_disk_5VMCHPMH_22837: Preclear Disk Version: 1.0.8 Jan 16 23:43:28 preclear_disk_5VMCHPMH_22837: S.M.A.R.T. info type: default Jan 16 23:43:28 preclear_disk_5VMCHPMH_22837: S.M.A.R.T. attrs type: default J
  10. Been using unRAID for a few months now. Currently using it as a media server with Plex and also have a Win10 VM on it. I'll be looking to expand it for IP camera storage with ZoneMinder and for DVR(once I purchase the Plex Pass). I did a lot of searching for an OS that would fit my use cases and unRAID hasn't let me down. Having such a helpful community is wonderful.
  11. First, thanks to SpaceInvaderOne for all the amazing videos! My server is mainly for media storage, but I also have one share that has tons of small files, I think it's like 1.7 million files. So, when trying to search the various media shares(movies, kids movies, new folder, downloads, etc) from the root share for a particular item, it takes an incredibly long time since it's also searching the one share with almost 2 million files. I would like to exclude that share to speed up searches. Is there a way to exclude a share from being listed in the root share? Or a way t
  12. I believe this is pretty much in line with my request in the Feature Requests section. Not sure if it would help much, but maybe you can vote or support the feature request to get more visibility for something like this. Hope that helps!
  13. I have the same UPS and haven't had issues with it being detected. I did have an issue getting the server and UPS to shutdown properly so the server would power back on after an outage, but I was able to resolve that by tweaking settings in the NUT plugin. Sharing a post I made about that below in hopes that someone will get use out of it.
  14. UPDATE: I returned one of the ADATA drives and purchased a HP EX920. Both drives will now show up now. I was doing testing on my UPS setup to make sure the server will come back on after a power outage. I have a CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS and am using the NUT plugin for communication. I noticed the UPS was turning off before the server would shut down. This was causing a hard shutdown and the ADATA drive would not show up after powering the server back on, not even in BIOS/UEFI. It also wouldn't show up on subsequent reboots either. I would have to swap the drives between the
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    Custom case icons feature is now available in 6.7.2.