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New hard drives not shown in BIOS

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I recently bought 2 external hard drives that I then took out of their cases and put into my unraid server. They pulled up fine initially and I began the process of running preclears. I then also remembered that I needed to install 1 more drive (a 4TB i had purchased earlier this week) and figured preclearing them all at once would save me a ton of time. So I went ahead and cancelled the first 2 and turned off the server and installed the other drive. After it finished booting the first 2 drives that I had cancelled the preclears of wouldn't show up at all. I restarted the server and checked the bios and they weren't there either. Out of curiosity I plugged them both back into their external cases and now they will show up in the unassigned devices section. But even after formatting them to XFS doesn't allow me to see them.


I have already made sure that the problem isn't my SATA controller by just plugging the drives directly into the Motherboard and experiencing the same problems. 


Has anyone gotten this issue before and if so how did you resolve it. Normally I would just preclear them on the USB ports and hope it works out but the USB speeds are like a 4th the SATA speeds. I have already tried plenty of different cables and eliminated them as the problem.

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