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Unraid and I a True Love Story ...

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Time to introduce myself i'm an French Canadian IT technician 


a year ago i was watching some video on youtube as usual

I'm sure like many people in this forum i watched Linus videos and i was really impress by this guy creating the most interesting VM host i've ever seen 

Long Story Short i decided to try by myself and starting with a Used computer to understand and get all the Knowledge to run VM on Unraid

I spend all my free time on this project and the passion for Unraid never stop to Grow


My second step was a to buy good hardware to show how Unraid could replace all the computers in my house


Z10pe-D16 WS motherboard is my personal beast (Pics when i build it) actually running 4 Vm several dockers like Emby Nextcloud Home Assistant MotionEyes and all the cool stuff i can throw on it 




Now I'm integrating Unraid in my workplace (Casino Gambling) essentialy for promotional signage and i'm very happy with that so i would like to share my experience with other people and maybe help


We bought 2 Tyan base server each are build With 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6128 and 4 RTX2060 and after a day of setting up those beast are ready to go 





I would like to thank all the guys here posting and trying to do their best to help other to reach success hope you could enjoy and have fun like i am


If anyone need support i could try to do my best to help 


Sorry for the basic language my English is a bit rusted i have to work on it :)





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