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I'm a long time user of unraid, which I think is a wonderful product. However, recently I have had use cases which really only requires the "raid" part of the product, installed on a regular, not necessarily slackware-based, Linux system. 


I have already compiled a slightly modified version of the module in-tree as a proof of concept, and it works just as intended on my Debian-based test system. 

As md-mod is code derived from the Linux kernel under GPL-2, I assume there are nothing stopping me from forking the code and adapt for my need? My goal is to modify the code to my needs, as well as package it as a DKMS module, for automatic compilation on kernel updates.

As I am a strong believer in open source, I plan on releasing my derived work in public.

My main question is wether the use of the word "unraid" somewhere in the module name would constitute a violation of any rights held by LimeTech?

Best regards,

Thomas Hellström


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For anyone who may be interested, this is the current status of this project:

* The module compiles and loads without problems on the kernels I have tested it on. This includes building a patched raid6_pq.ko module, which is needed by the driver.

* I have been running extensive test on parity building, checking and rebuilding of devices. As far as I can tell, it behaves exactly as it should without corrupting any data.

* I have a rudimentary terminal framework for starting, stopping and monitoring the array (see image).


As soon as I decide on a name for the project I will publish it to (probably) github.



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