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Gaming server access through thin clients.

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Im not sure if its possible. Just asking the experts here.


I have multiple people who wants to play pc game in my house(my family). Instead of buying multiple gaming pc, is it possible to setup multiple NUC as thin clients, all access a single server which hosts multiple GPU and multiple cpu. Its like you play game on the server, but remotely. The NUC just received the display image to show to the user.


Not sure if this possible. Also not sure what is related technology(that i need to google).







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Seen this done with multiple monitors to one unraid workstation with gaming VMs.  

Thinking latency of VNC, SplashTop Desktop, TeamViewer RDP...whatever would be to high for gaming.


Your basically using the NUCs to make wireless monitors.

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The simplest solution is to use Windows built-in Remote Desktop to rdp into Windows VM running the game. Free solution in the sense that you don't need to buy additional software for remote access and minimal configuration effort. Latency actually wasn't too bad for me (Surface 3 over Wifi to wired server).


Are your "clients" far away from the server? If they are not (e.g. a game room kind of scenario) then running multiple monitors out of the server will give you best experience. If they are then you will really have to research which protocol has the lowest latency. Game streaming over network isn't unheard of so there ought to be a better solution out there than RDP.

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