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Ideas on mapped drive for macbook

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Hey guys,

I wanted to get some input from you. I am looking at upgrading my 2013 macbook air to the new ones. 

What's crazy is how expensive the dive space is and it's not upgradable! I am looking to get 16 gigs of ram and with a 512 SSD its around $1800 which is just nuts to me.


I have an awesome unraid/ server that I have. I was wondering if there's anyway I could save money and just get 256gig SSD version and utilize my unraid server space? Is there an easy way that I could map the "documents" folder on the macbook to point to a location on the unraid server? I could then get a nice SSD drive and set up a share to use only the SSD so read/write would be quick?


The other issue is that if I take my macbook out of the house, I would like to be able to seamlessly still access that "documents" folder that's actually residing on the unraid server at home. Any thoughts on this?? If there's a way to do this, I think I would be able to save a ton of $$, and I'm sure this would help others also?


Do you guys see anything wrong with this scenario? Do you see this being a feasible reasonable solution?

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auto mount the server folder on boot for seamless local access.


you'll need to setup something like next cloud for external data access or vpn back onto your network.

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Posted (edited)

There are also apps like AutoMounter that will mount the shares any time they are available (not just on boot/login) and remount them when necessary (if you reboot unRAID for example).


It’s actually rather simple to mount a share manually, but I usually forget that I need to.😊

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