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Congratulations! What a wonderful job!

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To the developers, to everyone in this community involved with getting unRAID where it stands today! I guess unRAID is written differently these days.

I remember starting with unRAID Server Plus almost 10 years ago, the days Tom Mortensen thanked you in person for buying a license, no criticism here of course :).

For some reasons, now still very obscure to my mind :) (getting old), I installed one of the first versions of Windows Home Server. After that it got killed by MS I went with an Apple Server, great idea (NOT) and switched to Windows 10 with Stablebit Drivepool for a couple of years now. Somehow never looked back although I never really liked it a lot, way too clean and lean for an ex-Unix admin...

Until recently. I rediscovered unRAID and I must say that I was baffled about the software, the plugins, the dockers, the whole setup and especially about the supporting community that arose around this beauty.

Moved 15TB of media through the Unassigned Devices plugin to a newly built array over the weekend, parity build is now ongoing. Happy!




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I concur.... coming over from FlexRaid I'm thoroughly enjoying my brand new Unraid Build that I just finished.  All weekend I played "towers of hanoi" with my data and drives as I got them added into the Array one-by-one, and syncing/validating/validating-again my data before letting the drives get cleared.


FlexRaid was a fantastic idea for my work from home and home server setup.... but the lack of support and somewhat schizophrenic disappearances of my array had me seriously concerned.  As the original OP did, I then re-discovered Unraid and realized it offered the same benefits of a parity approach but with all power of being it's own OS.  Luckily, I also upgraded my HTPC about a year ago, so I happened to have an AMD Athlon II and Asus M4A785-M motherboard (yes it's working perfectly for me) looking for a job to do . . . I tossed in a new Node 804 case, LSI HBA 9207-8i (and a few fans), and an Intel PRO/1000 PCI Express NIC . . . and voila I've got a new lean, slick looking, Unraid server up and running!


I've been extremely impressed with the utter ease of use and confidence the software instills (once it's booting consistently as my M4A785-M MB was initially shakey until the LSI card was put in; known issue in the forums). I love the headless nature of it and the Web UI (and look forward to a mobile App option in the future).  


But my Gigabit network and Moca 2.0 adapaters are working wonderfully getting great speeds to/from the server at nearly 2-3x the speed that FlexRaid used to run at (~70-100 MB/s vs FlexRaids 30-40 MB/s)


Needless to say I'm very impressed also and very happy to have a solution up and running again . . . Now next priority to work out is exactly how to get my BackBlaze Home account backing the array up to the cloud like it did with my FlexRaid (running on same machine)!

Unraid server pic 01.jpg

Unraid server pic 02.jpg

Unraid server pic 03.jpg

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