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Parity Disabled, how do I re-enable it?

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I was trying to pass through a raid card to a VM (had it listed in the append line), and when I started the array, even though that specific card was the only hardware checked (and listed), it also grabbed one of my LSI cards that has the parity drive, and a few other drives connected to it.  The parity drive of course was no long able to be accessed, so the system disabled it.  On a reboot, it shows it still disabled, how do I get it re-enabled?  There's nothing WRONG with the drive, the controller was basically shunted to the VM when I started it, causing those drives to 'fail'.



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Two options. Either do the normal procedure to re-enable a drive, which is to start the array with it unassigned, stop the array, assign the drive back and let it rebuild parity.

Or, set a new config, retain all, make sure all the drives are in their appropriate slots, check the option parity is already valid, start the array and let it do a correcting parity check.


Are you absolutely positive ALL your drives are completely healthy? This would be a bad time to have a real failure.

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I know my drives are fine (I ran a parity check a few days ago with no errors), so I removed and re-added the parity drive, and I'm letting it run another check.


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