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Re-purposing gaming build? Unsure newbie

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Hey, sorry if it's a annoyingly common question. I'm not the most tech-literate person so I may have read my answer somewhere and it just flew over my head.


So, I've been running Plex on my PC for a while and recently discovered Unraid, but I'm kinda stuck on choosing my parts. I originally wanted to build a separate compact server and move Plex over there to start. Thing is, I've built a gaming PC earlier this year and I kinda want to try and reuse as many of the same parts as possible, if it's worth it. Ideally I'd just use it as is, run Unraid off it and just VM Win10 (or maybe finally get into using a Linux distro) for my daily needs. But I'm not keeping my hopes up with the hardware compatibility. 


My build's PCPartPicker Link. Other than what's listed there, I have 2 old HDD's from my last build that died after a hurricane for my media, but I'm trying to switch those out after seeing the shuckable drives on the NAS killer build.


I appreciate any helpful answers/posts on the topic. Thanks!

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To be quite honest if the list you provided is what you already have that's overkill so yes you are off and running with that setup no problems from what I see, I turned my pre-built I7 6700 into my unraid box and it's been rock solid I'm getting at least 8 streams on plex

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I guess it's more of a compatibility issue that I'm worrying about, but if the pre-built works just fine I guess mine shouldn't have much of a problem. Thanks!

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