Nested TV directory - how to fix?

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Hi there,


I have noticed recently that my TV directory has a nested TV directory within it that contains a subset of shows and seasons of shows.  Obviously, this is not ideal, although Plex seems fine with it.


2 questions:


1.  Aside from reviewing my docker paths, what else can I do to determine the cause of this?

2.  What is the best way to move these all up one directory (from /mnt/user/TV/TV to /mnt/user/TV) while preserving directory structure and such? I can do this with mc, but I'd prefer a one-liner than spending the time to do it manually.




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You could do it over the network without a problem.   If you do a cut/paste from something like Windows Explorer it will be very fast as it is a move rather than a copy.   That would be the least error prone. 


The most likely cause of such an issue is a copy or move you did from the command line that was not quite right.   As an example using rsync it is easy to do this if you do not get the trailing slashes on the source and destination paths just right.

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Thanks for the tip!  


One challenge is that there are many subdirectories, so moving them manually will be time consuming (and tedious).  I am wondering if there's a sweet one-liner someone could suggest that would move everything up a directory level while preserving the subdirectory structure.




Moving files from 






/mnt/user/TV/Show/Season-06 (which may already exist and have some content).



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It should only take a few seconds :) 


Using Windows Explorer

  • Go into the additional TV level and do CTRL-A to select them all and then press the Cut button
  • Go up a level to where you want them to finish
  • Use the Paste button to move all files/folders to this level maintaining folder structure.
  • Delete the spurious TV folder (which should now be empty)

If using a Mac you use the same procedure in Finder.

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Unless there's a merge feature in the Finder (there very well may be), the problem is that shows and even portions of seasons are split between the correct and incorrect locations.  I tried what you suggested, but I am only offered "replace" or "stop" when I drop the folder.


Any ideas?

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Hmm.  I'm observing either that this feature is broken, or something is confusing it.  I confirmed manually that there are no overlapping files, the parent folders are identically named, and I even copied a single season, rather than the whole lot.  No dice, I'm only offered to replace or stop. :(


EDIT:  I totally missed the part where I have to hold option.  My mistake!  Sorry!  It's working now.


Thanks so much for the replies!

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