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Guys, I lost a few files (deleted by accident or something) on my unraid server and I was wondering if there is a free program I can use to recover the files.

The thing is, I went and searched and downloaded and tried three proggies where it was claimed that they do networks but when I go to find files, it will
NOT see my server. Recuva actually sees it but the ok button is greyed out so I can't click on it. On the others, I can't find my server.

Thanks for any help and links and screen captures are very appreciated.

George (unRaid server by Kyle at Greenleaf)

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OK, let's look at the problem.  I assume that you are talking about User Shares.   With a User Share, the file(s) in question could have been on any of the data disks.  This makes recovery much more difficult from a client (which is what I am assuming that you are trying to do).  You may have to determine which disk it is that contained the file(s) if you think a 'file deletion' is the cause.  (I also have serious reservations that you can do an 'undelete' operation from any computer that is not running Linux. You are doing something down at the basic file system level and the program that you use has to 'know' the inner workings of that particular file system.) 


But you should eliminate any other issues that might exist.  So go to   Tools   >>>   Diagnostics   and then upload the Diagnostics file in a new post!  (Do not append it to your first post.)  Give us as much information as you can about how you think this instance actually happened.  


You should also be looking at ways to prevent this from happening again.  You should be looking at making it much more difficult to delete files.  I did devise a system for doing this which was aimed at a Ramsomware attack but it would also work in this case.  You can read about it here:



Realize if your shares are 'Public', everyone has read-write access to them--  your children, your guests/visitors that you allow on your WIFI or the WIFI hacker sitting somewhere in the neighborhood.  If you use it, you want to make sure that you do not have the user credentials stored on any client so that it automatically logs into the share with write privileges-- even you.  (With Windows, this also means you want to avoid using your Windows user name as the Unraid user name!)


Am I correct in assuming that this is the only copy of these files?  That they are completely unreplaceable?  I am hoping that this is not the case.  You should always have a backup of any files that fall into this category.  In fact, you should always practice the 3-2-1 backup scheme.  The original file, a backup of that file and a second backup (preferably offsite)!   (I have mine in a safety Deposit Box.  You could use a cloud solution if you are comfortable with that.)   In any case, I would suggest that you decide on a course of action and start to implement it ASAP!  If nothing else get a UBS3 hard drive, perhaps even, today of suitable size and  copy all of the remaining files that are irreplaceable to it and secure it. 









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