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[FS][UK] Unraid 'starter kit' (used hardware)

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I just upgraded my server so would anyone be interested in the old stuff?


1x Intel i5-2500 with stock cooler


1x Cooler Master Hyper tx3i cpu cooler

1x Intel DH61DL mini ITX motherboard with i/o shield

3x WD Green 500GB HDD

1x Seagate 500GB HDD

1x WD Green 120GD SSD


Not the most powerful equipment but will run Plex, docker, etc... Very stable.


I would like to sell the lot for £60 including postage.

Will set up an ebay auction with pay now option if there is any interest.


Note: the motherboard has only 3x sata ports so will need a PCIe 2.0 x1 sata controller if you want to connect more drives.

Please read MB specs https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/51855/intel-desktop-board-dh61dl.html


All you need is a case with a power supply, some sata cables, and a USB stick with unraid on it to make your own server.


Interested? Let me know.

Otherwise all goes to scrap.



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I have showed my friend this, and will be discussing options tonight with him.

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2 hours ago, naughty beatle said:

UK only? I imagine shipping this to Florida wouldn't be cheap.

Yes, it would be double the price at least

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