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  1. You should also check out the "File Activity" plugin, it shows you a log of file access on your array
  2. Too bad, it's a great starting point for a backup solution!
  3. UK only? I imagine shipping this to Florida wouldn't be cheap.
  4. Great just after I finish the roll back after a lot of anxiety lol. Thank you for posting this! This worked for me on an Asus PRIME B350-PLUS downgrading BIOS from 5204 to 3806. I can pass through my GPU again to Windows 10 VM! I used the link provided in the OP edit and followed the instructions, with the added step of downloading the 5204 & 3806 CAP files from Asus and extracting the body of 3806 into a rom file with UEFITool.exe to put on the flash drive.