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"stale configuration" after replacing a drive but parity-sync is working?

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Just noticed a drive was emulated so I wrote down which drive was bad, stopped the array, shutdown the server, replaced the drive (with a bigger one 5->8TB), turned back on the server.


The array started automatically (wasn't expecting that) with the drive marked as missing. I stopped the array and then assigned the new drive to the missing slop and hit "start" on the array.


The page refreshed but all the drives still showed as dropdowns (like I could assign them. Picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/diymtovifemqemb/Screenshot 2019-09-04 17.47.18.png?dl=0) and the only options at the bottom of the page are "Reboot" and "Powerdown". In the bottom status bar it shows:


Array Stopped•Parity-Sync / Data-Rebuild 0.1 %•stale configuration

(Note it is now up to 0.3% so it IS doing something).


I've never seen this before and in the past when I need to rebuild a drive the bottom section is expanded and show %, time, MB/s, MB total rebuilt, etc. 


I googled around but couldn't find anyone describing what I'm seeing. I have attached my diagnosis.


I'm going to leave the server alone but I'm not sure what the stale config error means and if I need to stop the rebuild and do something else first.


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8 hours ago, joshstrange said:

The array started automatically (wasn't expecting that)

That's fixed on latest release, uprade when done.


Disk9 is rebuilding correctly, try refreshing the GUI, or closing the page and re-opening.

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I tried different browsers and different devices but the GUI stayed in that odd state. Once I was sure the rebuild was complete (mind you the array was accessible this whole time, it just didn't look like it was via the UI) I rebooted the machine through the web UI and everything came up correctly. That was a scary few days where I wasn't sure if it was working or not but it appears it was all fine and just some UI glitch.


Bottom line if your UI looks like my screenshot above then just ride it out until the rebuild is complete then reboot your server.

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