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Compact Server Rack Server Build (iStarUSA D-407P)

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I am painfully new to everything.  Can anyone help me piece together my build or point me to a similar build?



What I want:

  • Server for backing up and streaming large video files
  • Compact server rack chassis (likely the iStarUSA D-407P but possibly the NORCO RPC-450)
  • Quiet
  • Low/medium power draw
  • Able to hold at least 9 HDs


What I have:

  • Four 10 TB HDs (some have yet to be shucked)
  • A 5 HD iStarUSA trayless rack (fills three 5.25" bays)


What I need:

  • Motherboard (what will fit in my compact server chassis?)
  • CPU and fan (I'd prefer the cheapest option, but would Intel be more stable?)
  • Memory (I hear that 8GB should be fine, I'd prefer to have ECC since I'll be storing client's videos potentially)
  • SAS / SATA expander things (???) (I don't even know what this is about, but I hear I might need them)
  • Network card (I don't think I need the 10G one)
  • Unraid OS thumb drive or SSD (is there any benefit to running this on an SSD versus a thumb drive?)
  • Additional case fan (I've been told I should replace the loud 80mm case fan in the server chassis)
  • ...more things I don't know about?


I'm probably missing something, thanks for your help!


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