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we have our backups done mainly through Macrium Reflect cloning software and all images are in .mrimg file.


Anyone knows the fastest procedure to mount those images as VM?


Ideally, we would be able to just boot from those images directly - something that MacriumViBoot is able to do through Hyper-V. 


What would the options be?


Thanks in advance!

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the issue here is that any Macrium v.7+ has this option disabled, for some reason. You can not convert images anymore.

I realized, for now, the only way I was able to do it is to actually clone the .mrimg to an SSD, boot from it and then make a .iso file from within it. 

This is a lot of hassle...

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  • 2 years later... i figured out how to do this in a super easy way!!  

- Install a basic w10 VM; or any OS for that matter (...maybe even have a basic instal *.img floating around to copy to a domain folder? haven't tested this tho)
- Once you are up and running, don't worry about any drivers etc, just instal Macrium Reflect

- Go to restore, browse for image and find your backup (mine was stored on the same array that hosts my VMs, but I'm sure a USB HDD would work as well if that's where your bu images are stored)

- Choose restore, select your VM's disk (usually contains "C:" drive)

- Delete ALL the partitions on the selected disk

- Copy all partitions from the source to the destination.

- Next, Next, (till finish)

- Since you are overwriting the drive you are currently loaded into, It will ask you if you want to reboot, and start in windows PE mode, say yes (i choose "without prompts" so i can walk away)!

Now the program will load the BU image, and build a temp environment that it will automatically boot from, and restore the image that you had backed up before your VM stopped working properly (or as in my case, before my cache array bit the dust...i don't trust this BTRFS for anything at all tbh).

come back in an hour or so and you will be sitting at your login screen with everything restored as before!  

it seems to be the cleanest way of restoring a MR *.mrimg without doing a bunch of weird conversions and format changes!


Hope this helps! 


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Good idea @miicar

I just did it without installing any sacrificial OS to the VM.

You just need to create Macrium "Rescue Media" ISO. It's available in Macrium menu "Other Tasks".

Then you set it as "OS Install ISO" in the VM properties.

You also need to set "VirtIO Drivers ISO". You can download that in the Unraid / Settings / VM Manager

Then you boot to the Macrium recovery enviroment. But it doesn't have network drivers. So if your *.mrimg backup is on the array you can't get to it.

Click in the menu "Restore / View Unsupported Devices", select "virtio-win" CD Drive and click "Scan". It finds and installs network driver.

Now you can browse for *.mrimg image on the network and restore it to the virtual HDD you defined for the VM.
If you also needed to installed drivers for the virtual HDD, then you first refresh "Disk Image" tab so it finds your virtual HDD as available target.


You basically restore the image to the VM same way as you would to the real HW.

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