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  1. Hey, thanks for the info. I have a different kind of problem. I am able to see the Xbox One Wifi Adapter device in Windows, but unable to sync it with the actual Xbox Controller inside VM Windows. Did you have that kind of an issue? The adapter and controller work fine on any other non VM computer. So, once you got the Windows to show the actual Wifi adapter, you were able to connect the controller to it without any issues? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hello and thanks to everyone who tried to help with an ACTUAL SUGGESTION. Mainly to "Energen" with his: It really was an USB issue, we repaired the device and plugged it back, rebooted and it worked, we are now in the process of transferring the configuration to another USB device that they will purchase a licence for as promised and hopefully - everything will work out fine for everyone. To others who were more concerned that the client was using unlicenced software and that we should walk away from the job. We are an IT SUPPORT company, not an IT W
  3. We knew this would be a fun topic. I guess the main question here would be: Which files are necessary in order to keep the config but not related to anything regarding the UNRAID version it was on? If we just copy the config folder (from a PRO version) to a new licenced USB (a BASIC version) and try to boot up, would that work? Also, there is a great possibility that it is a bad USB indeed, we just don't know that unless we make a reboot of the system, the main issue is that we aren't even sure if the USB is bad or it's not showing the FLASH contents a
  4. Hello everyone, we have a small IT support company and one of our clients had a "modified" unlicenced version of the unraid software on their server that has gone bonkers (they've tried updating this cracked UNRAID 6.6.6. PRO that was on and it fell apart afterwards). What happened: 1. they've installed the cracked version 6.6.6. pro and set up the whole system on it 2. then someone (very smart) tried to update it - they had a backup done before as after the update the system did not boot 3. they've restored the backup and were able to boot it up
  5. Hello, the issue here is that any Macrium v.7+ has this option disabled, for some reason. You can not convert images anymore. I realized, for now, the only way I was able to do it is to actually clone the .mrimg to an SSD, boot from it and then make a .iso file from within it. This is a lot of hassle...
  6. Hello, we have our backups done mainly through Macrium Reflect cloning software and all images are in .mrimg file. Anyone knows the fastest procedure to mount those images as VM? Ideally, we would be able to just boot from those images directly - something that MacriumViBoot is able to do through Hyper-V. What would the options be? Thanks in advance!