Thermal zone 0 critical temps

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My system had been shutting down on it so own and at first I thought it was the cpu overheating and shutting down but it actually appears to be due to some other thermal sensor.  I have finally caught the error and it’s telling me kernel:thermal thermal_zone0 critical temp reached 91 shutting down.  Prior it was at 90 the last crash.  Either way the cpu was only reporting around 48c at the time of the crash.  My mother board is an old am3 biostar TA870U3+.  Any thoughts on what is overheating so badly that it’s causing this shutdown.

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I’ve left watch sensors running in a terminal  and the web interface open so that they essentially freeze whenever the system shuts down and they’re only reporting CPU temperature of around 48c, unless it’s spiking to 90 then rapidly dropping after shutdown starts and before tasks stop running 


 Any load that I throw at the server  any other time doesn’t seem to bring the CPU above 50 to 55° .  I wonder if it’s somehow plex doing library stuff that somehow kills it.  I’ve never observed firsthand a temp over 60 leaving watch sensors up the entire day when I’m awake or at home.  This always seems to happen overnight.  

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