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Supermicro X11SCA-F IPMI problem

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Trying to figure out how to get IPMI to function on this board.  Seems simple enough, but I can not ping the IP once statically configured.  DHCP fails to get an IP.  Board shipped with latest firmware.


Booted the system running Ubuntu and only one interface is seen.  I noticed that the 'IPMI LAN Selection is set to 'Failover' which I believe should be 'Shared'.  The GUI has locked that and I can not change the setting.


Thanks for any help.


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according to motherboard manual, LAN2 is the right port for IPMI and it's a shared port. Are you using this port? 

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Any suggestions? I have the same issue. On 3 mainboards. It was run without network for the first time. 

4 PCS I run with network cable and it gets the IP adddress. 

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Returned the motherboard and they discovered bent pins on the socket.  I've built a dozen or so systems and never had that happen before.  Odd since the system booted OK - just could not get the IPMI interface to work.  Did not pursue it any further.


Now running an Asus WS C246 PRO with an Intel E-2146G CPU.  Works great with zero problems.


I'll let you determine if the SM is worth it.  Not sure I'd ever try them again.

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