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  1. for me it looks a bit overkill - such system with 10 drives at full load should not consume more that 200W..
  2. huh, i just cross-flashed my Dell H200 to LSI latest firmware on my Supermicro X8 server board - card is working as expected - connected HDD to test and it shows up as expected. then i moved this card to my desktop board - older Asus H97-Plus, and card is not visible at all - heartbeat Led not blinking, bios show no card in this slot. i tried both x16 slots to no avail. i have tried another desktop board - asrock fatal1ty z77 professional-m, and result is the same. i tried this duct tape mod to cover pins 5 and 6 with electric tape - didn't help either.. so i'm stuc
  3. there is a BIOS 1.5 for your board. maybe worth a try? make sure you have latest BMC before you upgrade BIOS..
  4. you have a new generation MB, so i don't think it CMOS.. have you tried a BMC/BIOS update if available?
  5. looks good. every company do they own cable coloring. in my experience red cables are usually reverse ones. but if they clearly states, then should be fine.
  6. These red ones, are not they reverse breakout?
  7. have you any chance to use these cards with SR-IOV? i have ConnectX-2 and thinking of upgrade to get SR-IOV capabilities for my VMs.
  8. what exactly memory do you have? are they populated for both CPU? are two EPS power connectors connected to use both CPU?
  9. according UPS - just setup unraid as UPS listener and it will shut down itself
  10. i have two unraid VMs running on top of ProxMox for about a year. but i never have tested your case. if i have to shutdown/restart host, i shut down my unraid VMs always manually .. what is a case you need that? power outages?
  11. and v4 Xeons are up and running?
  12. start with BMC update - it will update your IPMI. then proceed with BIOS update. simple download bios package and look for readme inside zip package.
  13. what kind of memory do you have? your mobo need Registered ECC RDIMM! it's a server ram, consumer mobos use unbuffered RAM - it will not work with your mobo.