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  1. uldise

    WHat controller(s) are you using?

    you can replace one of your 8 port controllers with LSI SAS 9201-16i, or you can use SAS Expander like Intel RES2SV240 and connect it to one of your LSI card.
  2. uldise

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    Glad you sorted it have this setting hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE" any impact on performance of your unraid VM?
  3. uldise

    Server Build 2019

    This is not true - in such case you lose only one drive.
  4. uldise

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    any news on this?
  5. uldise

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    do your card working correctly, if you pass it to Windows VM for example?
  6. uldise

    Esxi 6.7 no working Network Driver :(

    try this? one of my unraid VMs is on version 6.6.6, and working just fine with VMXnet3 driver. just in case, are you added virtual network adapter to unraid VM? post a screenshot..
  7. uldise

    Esxi 6.7 no working Network Driver :(

    i think it should be in /boot/config/network.cfg what the output of ifconfig?
  8. uldise

    Esxi 6.7 no working Network Driver :(

    boot up unraid VM, open console, login and type diagnostics. it will collect diagnostics and put them on your flash drive. attach it to the forum. and first try it with VMXNET3. my initial guess - unraid by default is configured not on eth1 but on bond?, diags will tell it..
  9. uldise

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nextcloud

    sorry, no mind. i have nextcloud docker, but i have Apache web-server that serves reverse proxy for nextcloud too.
  10. uldise

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nextcloud

    what router do you have? for example, in Mikrotik world this feature names Hairpin NAT. Look for similar with your router model.
  11. uldise

    Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    Hi, and thanks for plugin - just installed on my second unraid VM, and looks like it works - i see on Esxi host it's running.
  12. uldise

    Thinking about moving my UnRaid to ESXi 6.7

    i think, that's the only reason i have Open VM tools installed. look at this thread from the end, and you will find download for your unraid version. i see this message on my server too. but if your CPU is running fine, and you see no CPU usage at idle on host/unraid VM, then you are fine. cos unraid under ESXi is not officially supported.
  13. uldise

    Thinking about moving my UnRaid to ESXi 6.7

    i'm running my two unraid as VMs on top of ESXi for years. i'm using PlopKExec without problems.. https://download.plop.at/plopkexec/plopkexec.iso if you don't run any VMs, 4GB would be reasonable, but you can add more latter if you want. but according transcoding - you should just run some tests to see, how much it eats your CPUs, start with 4 vCPU. Free version of ESXi have a 8 vCPU limitation. i'm trying avoid any transcoding in my plex server. but you can go new unraid nvidia route and transcode with your GPU - check the plugin forum page. if you pass your IBM 1015 to unraid VM, then ESXi has nothing to do with it and drives connected to it - unraid manages spindowns of these drives. and according SSDs attached to host - i have two in my server and never noticed any problems with them.
  14. uldise

    Advise moving current server to Virtualizing

    Yes, i think so. and attach your USB to unraid VM. But, esxi won't support boot from your unraid VM from USB directly. you need to download https://download.plop.at/plopkexec/plopkexec.iso, set it as first boot device, and when it boots, it selects next you unraid USB, and continue to boot from USB.
  15. uldise

    Advise moving current server to Virtualizing

    no experience with Proxmox, but i'm running both my unraid's with success under VMWare Esxi. Keep in mind, this config is not supported..