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  1. uldise

    10GB pci-e card recommendations

    if you wanna go Mikrotik route with 4 SFP+ ports, then there is a new small item for that: https://mikrotik.com/product/crs305_1g_4s_in. as of price, i think it will be near 150$ too..
  2. uldise

    CPU Scaling Driver

    but do your CPU really running at 100%? when you use your unraid under ESXi, then ESXi is your CPU governor, not unraid vm..
  3. have you pass-through your H310 to unRAID VM?
  4. are all cables identical? i mean forward vs reverse breakout..
  5. uldise

    Cheap 10GbE 4 port switch, and fanless...

    i have 10Gb network in my house with Ubiquity ES-16-XG already, and all of SFP+ ports are with DAC cables. longest is 10m Cisco DAC, work like a champ. But there are a mess with DAC/Card compatibily. i have some Mellanox, and some Brocade cards and some Cisco and Brocade DACs - i was lucky cos i found a combination of these items which pairs is working together..
  6. uldise

    Cheap 10GbE 4 port switch, and fanless...

    looks like sfp+ modules will cost more?
  7. for me management through browser is a real pain, but for each his own i'm still sticking with last version of ESXi that supports legacy client..
  8. and what hardware do you have? VMWare dropped some old CPU support with version 6.7. i tried 6.7 on one older Xeon with no luck, then read release notes about dropped support. it simply wont install at all.
  9. if your unraid works with ESXi 5.5, then just leave it as it is.. and you can always make a test with second unraid test VM with newest version of unraid just for test. my ESXi is on 6.5 version. and keep in mind that with latest updates of 6.5 and any further versions you lose old c# vSphere client, and can administer your server from browser only..
  10. see here: https://esxi-patches.v-front.de/ESXi-6.5.0.html click on particular version, and you will see short instruction how to update to it.
  11. my ESXi server are on version Imageprofile ESXi-6.5.0-20170404001-standard (Build 5310538), and i can still use old Client. if you switch to something newer, then your legacy client is gone..
  12. your ESXi looks a bit old, may be there are some incompatibilities with newest unraid Linux kernel, but i'm not sure.. if you can, try to update it to version 6.5, but keep in mind that legacy c# ESXi Client will not work anymore and you need to use browser to administer your server..
  13. Which ESXi version? how your drives are connected to the system? how you pass-through them?
  14. hmm, why are you passing a whole controller? why not just assign specific USB to unraid VM?
  15. are you booting with UEFI? i don't know if this is related, but when i asked about bifurcation on X9 boards to SM support some time ago, they answered, it's only works if you boot in UEFI mode..