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  1. yes, full size in USB A port - this port is on motherboard..
  2. i have negative experience with such config - you need very good airflow inside your case. my unraid usb started dropping offline time to time. i issued unraid key replace procedure, and new one drops again. after moving to outside, no problems so far.
  3. if you wanna control them by unraid, then you must set Fan mode Full Speed on Supermicro impi side to avoid any confusion for concurrent controlling processes. and what is your goal? to control fun speed by HDD Temp?
  4. please show your low thresholds, and FAN mode setting from Supermicro IPMI.
  5. i was tried unraid on VMWare workstation some time ago with no success.. i don't remember, what was wrong. if you are on Pro version, MS have builtin Hyper-V, but i never heard any success story with unraid. another path would be qemu kvm + virtmanager for windows, but i never tried that. but i have such combination working on my Ubuntu Desktop now..
  6. but yes, this CPU simply have not enough PCIe lanes. according to intel: up to 1x16, 2x8, 1x8 & 2x4. Supermicro can do it a bit different, then you need to read board manual.
  7. this board is now my main workstation, so, no unraid. but i checked with Linux tool, and i'm on version 2.2 now. my problem was that with GPU and 10Gbit cards in, GPU works only in first CPU slot, network card shows under Linux, but wont work. After i updated BIOS, i can now place my GPU in first or second CPU slot, both works, network card works too in any combination. you can try set your slots gen in bios. if you have PCIe 2 card, then set appropriate setting for that slot.
  8. i'm not sure, updated it last year, i cant view it in IMPI. i think i'm on 2.3. see release notes for new version here, i think it noted about youre 2021 problem..: https://www.supermicro.com/Bios/softfiles/12789/X9SCL-ii(F)_X9SCM-ii(F)_BIOS_2_3a_release_notes.pdf one GPU and one 10Gbit network card, and one USB3 card. before BIOS upgrade i can't get all three cards to work at once. once i upgraded, then no problems since.
  9. i have the same board, and struggled with very similar problem some time ago - some card wont work on some slots. BIOS update to the latest solved all problems for me - know all slots are working as expected. so, are you on latest BIOS?
  10. there is mistake, i wrote it already. you should use https
  11. let start again - show your docker log file, and then mapped ports
  12. if you have just default config with port mapping as above in pic, then WebUI should be accessible with https://IP:466
  13. looks like you misconfigured your paths. from my docker page, all paths below - it's a container side paths. Volumes required for persistant storage: home/node/meshcentral/meshcentral-files home/node/meshcentral/meshcentral-data Optional volumes: home/node/meshcentral/meshcentral-backup home/node/meshcentral/meshcentral-web
  14. and then please post your Meshcentral config file. looks like you defined https only, so webui should be available on port 466.