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  1. i have had some cases on my ESXi, when all connected USB's simply disappeared from system, including ESXi host boot USB. in such cases just a full ESXi reboot will bring them up again, and then they will work for months again..
  2. this was the reason i switched to pfsense with openvpn in it..
  3. Thanks @eschultz for the answer, so, then next question is: if i press on "Next Unread Topic", where i see in which topic i'm now? there are no topic title on every comment, or perhaps you can add it? i this newest comment is the last, then i see a topic name on very bottom of the page.. otherwise i must scroll somewhere to see it. what's an IPS answer to this?
  4. @eschultz any news on a question in my previous post?
  5. to not open new topic, i will post it here - topic name is missing under "Next unread Topic", see pic. attached. until yesterday it was in place.
  6. you can replace one of your 8 port controllers with LSI SAS 9201-16i, or you can use SAS Expander like Intel RES2SV240 and connect it to one of your LSI card.
  7. Glad you sorted it have this setting hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE" any impact on performance of your unraid VM?
  8. This is not true - in such case you lose only one drive.
  9. do your card working correctly, if you pass it to Windows VM for example?
  10. try this? one of my unraid VMs is on version 6.6.6, and working just fine with VMXnet3 driver. just in case, are you added virtual network adapter to unraid VM? post a screenshot..
  11. i think it should be in /boot/config/network.cfg what the output of ifconfig?
  12. boot up unraid VM, open console, login and type diagnostics. it will collect diagnostics and put them on your flash drive. attach it to the forum. and first try it with VMXNET3. my initial guess - unraid by default is configured not on eth1 but on bond?, diags will tell it..
  13. sorry, no mind. i have nextcloud docker, but i have Apache web-server that serves reverse proxy for nextcloud too.
  14. what router do you have? for example, in Mikrotik world this feature names Hairpin NAT. Look for similar with your router model.