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  1. So to update people on the problems. the usb drive was so badly corrupted that i was getting checksum errors on boot, when it did boot, drives were not in a bool, and drives that were originally reporting fine had errors. I was able to recover the unraid usb drive and everything OS wise is working fine. about the Adaptec 71605, i don't know what i am doing wrong, on system boot i do not get any bios reading from the card. I have also put in a rocket RAID 2720, both cards have a HDD connected to them and i get no readings from them. I am running a 4790K on a Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK running the latest bios update. i have had the rocket raid card working once under unraid on a different system, but the last time i put the card in the same pc, i had no reading from it. I have read online that raid cards need to be setup as UEFI bios boot and not legacy boot in the pc bios/UEFI, correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the cards plug and play or do they really need setting up to work
  2. sorry. HBA card. it is a Adaptec 71605. from what it looks like to start with, supper corrupted unraid drive. just about to see if a windows install can see the drive or not
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    I am trying to get a pcie vga card and a sata raid card working on my computer. I know the video card is in good working order and the raid card is new, when I boot the computer, bios doesn't detect the raid card but vga card works fine, when booting into unraid, video output is all a mess Am I looking at faulty pcie lanes or just some type of bios not configured properly Thanks
  4. it might be looking like the drive is on its last legs. i tried to recover the old image but i kept receiving an error for the file bzfirmware. did a scan disk and was able to copy it over. ill have to start looking into a replacement drive
  5. i have just updated my server and now i am getting kernel panics on startup. i made a post here about the problem. hope i am able to recover from this
  6. I have just updated my server to the new RC3 build, after the reboot it was taking a long time to become available on the network. when i turned on the monitor for the server i am getting a kernel panic. i am getting this with every restart both in normal and safe mode. hope i am not the first with this problem
  7. so i think i have an odd system setup compared to other users. I have to run my threadripper vm setup to only boot into legacy mode to be able to passthrough the gpu properly to a vm. if i boot the system in uefi mode, i am able to pass the gpu but receive a code 43 error. But if i boot into legacy mode, i cam pass the gpu to the vm and get full use of it. I have a 980TI and 1080TI installed into the system both the vbios for each card passthrough. I would like to see what other people have setup and to see if maybe my system if just being temperamental
  8. i had made t thread about this here. it is referring to this video youtube - craft computing using proxmox to emulate a GTX9xx to RTX 30xx to visible as a nvidia tesla card. but as proxmox and unraid both use the same emulation software, surely there would be a way to getting unraid to do the same thing. it would be great being able to to have 2 gaming pcs using the same gpu
  9. So i was busy looking on youtube some time ago for things to watch. I then came across this video from Craft Computing on how to make prxomox see a NVidia GTX9xx to the RTX30xx as a NVidia Pascal vgpu. Basically you can split up say a GTX 1080TI with 11GBvram into 11x1GB vram gpu. What i would like to know is, is this at all possible to do in unraid then use parsec to remote into the pc. I would say watch the video from Craft Computing to get an idea of what i am talking about. it would be great to be able to have 2 or 3 gaming computers all running from the 1 gpu.
  10. Is there any walkthrough on how to add new users, I followed the steps that spaceinvader one put up but it is only for one user. Other threads I have found online say there is a button to press to add new users, that is the one thing I can not find
  11. thanks for the tip, i have left the computer with that last night and all is good. i will now stress it and see if it might be something else, i am having a feeling that it is ether a sata controller that's on its way out or it could be a hdd that is making the kernel panic (all hdd pass SMART test)
  12. I did think about doing that, only problem is that when s go ti run a memtest, it loops back to the selection screen (start unraid, start with ui, start in safe mode). Mightbmake a new drive with a working memtest on it
  13. I seem to have a big problem with my server the last month or so. Problems started after getting it back online afte 5 months, it would crash about 5 min in after a cold boot, server was running in dual channel memory during the crash (worked find before). After removing channel 2 of the memory, server was working as normal. But now, I was doing a well over time computer backup to the server, and get the same crash again, I was able to take some photos of what was on the screen at the time, hope someone is able to help me out (Photo 1 is of the first crash. Photo 2 and 3 plate from a restart from the first crash)
  14. i seem to be using an old key that has already been replaced with a new one. ill email support about getting a new key. the next problem i have is trying to get all the data back. do i make a new array (new unraid install) and keep the drives the same or do i use an old array setup and replace the 2 drives that are missing (data drive 1 is a new replacement with no data, data drive 4 is a replacement from the old backup and has that data it. Thanks
  15. My Unraid media server has been down for 4 months due to failed HDD (just get a replacement in it now). when i went to boot the server up from its slumber, i have found that the usb used for unraid has walked of and i have no idea what happened to it. The problem i now have is that i do not have that usb backed up but i have an old config file from some time ago (think about 6.1 days) but when i go to change the key to a new drive, i am getting messages saying that the key is black listed or that it is being used by someone else. i have tried using data recovery programs to get the info from the drive, but i have 4 drives the same brand, so i have no idea which one had the unraid os on it. Also, is there a file in the congif that i can change the data drives with, the old backup has a drive that has already had a drive replaced and has that data on it. Thanks