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  1. I'm switching from Plex to Jellyfin and everything seems to be working great except all of my art looks blurred like this, does anyone know if this is a bug or something related to the existing Plex .NFO data? Editing a movie or show and selecting new images isn't fixing the selected title either.
  2. Thanks for all of your help. I'm going to shut the server off until my new breakout cables arrive to be safe. I'll post again once it's been replaced, hopefully with some good news.
  3. Here is my current diags, should I run something with the -b option? I have ordered a new set of breakout cables and it this point just want to salvage as much data as possible.
  4. I ran the --rebuild-tree option this morning with this output: reiserfsck 3.6.27 ************************************************************* ** Do not run the program with --rebuild-tree unless ** ** something is broken and MAKE A BACKUP before using it. ** ** If you have bad sectors on a drive it is usually a bad ** ** idea to continue using it. Then you probably should get ** ** a working hard drive, copy the file system from the bad ** ** drive to the good one -- dd_rescue is a good tool for ** ** that -- and only then run this program. ** ************************************************************* Will rebuild the filesystem (/dev/md2) tree Will put log info to 'stdout' Replaying journal: Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/md2' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed ########### reiserfsck --rebuild-tree started at Sat Apr 17 07:29:40 2021 ########### Pass 0: Loading on-disk bitmap .. ok, 1232478446 blocks marked used Skipping 52923 blocks (super block, journal, bitmaps) 1232425523 blocks will be read 0%....20%. The problem has occurred looks like a hardware problem. If you have bad blocks, we advise you to get a new hard drive, because once you get one bad block that the disk drive internals cannot hide from your sight,the chances of getting more are generally said to become much higher (precise statistics are unknown to us), and this disk drive is probably not expensive enough for you to you to risk your time and data on it. If you don't want to follow that follow that advice then if you have just a few bad blocks, try writing to the bad blocks and see if the drive remaps the bad blocks (that means it takes a block it has in reserve and allocates it for use for of that block number). If it cannot remap the block, use badblock option (-B) with reiserfs utils to handle this block correctly. bread: Cannot read the block (344162632): (Input/output error).
  5. I have an unmountable disk I ran a check on with the following results: reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md2 Will put log info to 'stdout' ########### reiserfsck --check started at Fri Apr 16 16:36:26 2021 ########### Replaying journal: Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/md2' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed Checking internal tree.. Bad root block 0. (--rebuild-tree did not complete) I have attached my diagnostic as well I unfortunately also have a red x on my parity drive, I'm afraid I'm going to lose all of my data and would appreciate any help.
  6. I hope that helps, any info I could get would be great, I have the red x on the parity drive, and another drive stuck read only
  7. I have a red X on my parity drive with the following SMART attributes and Attributes tab: Does this drive need replaced?
  8. Thanks, it looks like the cable was loose, I fixed that and it it rebuilt over night with no errors!
  9. diagnostic zip is attached, I would appreciate any insight into the drive. I'm thinking it's not salvageable, but maybe I'm wrong.
  10. My parity disk has been disabled with the following SMART notifications: Attribute = 5Reallocated sectors count Attribute = 187Reported uncorrectable errors Attribute = 188Command time-out Attribute = 197Current pending sector count Attribute = 198Uncorrectable sector count Attribute = 199UDMA CRC error rate 188 was unchecked Is this disk shot? What's the best course of action from here?
  11. Any advice on getting any free space on that disk without booting it? Every attempt to boot immediately pauses. Is there any way to browse the image to clean up some space?
  12. I have a windows 10 VM running on a 256G SSD that not part of the array using the unassigned disk plugin. This morning the VM is paused and it turns out the VM disk image has somehow grown in size to 279G even thought the unassigned disk and the disk image have a capacity of 256G in unraid. Is there any way to recover from this without restoring a backup of the VM? I'm not sure why Windows didn't realize the disk was full and start emptying the recycle bin, is there anything I can configure so that windows knows the true amount of space on the disk?
  13. My nextcloud.subdomain.conf has the following line: client_max_body_size 0; is that correct? I have found the same line in several other conf files