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  1. Thanks, it looks like the cable was loose, I fixed that and it it rebuilt over night with no errors!
  2. diagnostic zip is attached, I would appreciate any insight into the drive. I'm thinking it's not salvageable, but maybe I'm wrong.
  3. My parity disk has been disabled with the following SMART notifications: Attribute = 5Reallocated sectors count Attribute = 187Reported uncorrectable errors Attribute = 188Command time-out Attribute = 197Current pending sector count Attribute = 198Uncorrectable sector count Attribute = 199UDMA CRC error rate 188 was unchecked Is this disk shot? What's the best course of action from here?
  4. Any advice on getting any free space on that disk without booting it? Every attempt to boot immediately pauses. Is there any way to browse the image to clean up some space?
  5. I have a windows 10 VM running on a 256G SSD that not part of the array using the unassigned disk plugin. This morning the VM is paused and it turns out the VM disk image has somehow grown in size to 279G even thought the unassigned disk and the disk image have a capacity of 256G in unraid. Is there any way to recover from this without restoring a backup of the VM? I'm not sure why Windows didn't realize the disk was full and start emptying the recycle bin, is there anything I can configure so that windows knows the true amount of space on the disk?
  6. My nextcloud.subdomain.conf has the following line: client_max_body_size 0; is that correct? I have found the same line in several other conf files
  7. Bump, no one else is using ios and getting this error?
  8. 413 upload error, I'm getting 413 errors in the ios app while trying to upload my photos. I found a few places to increae max file size, and set them all to 0. I feel like I'm just missing one config item somewhere, anyone else run into this or know where I need to configure an upload size limit?
  9. That worked, but is this a bug? I do want dockers and plugins checked once per day, but the checking every page load is overkill.
  10. My machine seems to be checking for docker and plugin updates every time the respective page loads. I don't mind the docker check but the plug in page is taking a long time to load. I do have each set to check once per day in settings>notifications. Is this the intended behavior, or can I configure the frequency of checks somewhere?
  11. I was really hoping this was coming sooner rather than later, I would like to be able to use a much more complex password, but I'm hesitant to do that without password manager support, especially on mobile.
  12. I did mean my proxy config, and it's working great with the IP so I'm not worrying about it. Thanks for making the bitwarden container available!
  13. I have bitwarden working with letsencrypt but I had to change from the server name to the local IP in the config file, is this normal?