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  1. yes, and looks like for the same you can get a motherboard with bifurcation and ASUS Hyper M.2 x16.
  2. you can always boot some live Linux and do whatever you want..
  3. there is no need to CPU with GPU builtin with this board - then you need different "workstation" board. VGA for this board is for Aspeed AST2500 BMC
  4. i was a very long time ESXi user, but migrated to Proxmox this year. for me Proxmox is more flexible cos it's a pure Debian Linux. Yes, that mean a more tinkering at very rare situations, but then it just works. i'm passthru HBA/bultin SATA controller only, so far no problems with that. in Proxmox you just connect to console via SSH, and then administer it as pure Linux box..
  5. Yes it is, but price is very high for such cards. https://www.megamac.com/products/amfeltec-squid-pci-express-gen-3-carrier-board-for-6-x-m-2-or-ngsff-nf1-pcie-ssd-modules-sku-086-36
  6. sure, but until there are no real user experience with this, it looks like more marketing thing - if your drive is beyond this limit, then please purchase new one..
  7. and do you know how this will impact HDD's performance?
  8. are you talking about SSD? SSDs don't need to be pre-cleared. and SSD's TBW is about writing. parity check won't write to disk.
  9. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/90886-unraid-on-esxi-70-confimed-working/
  10. i opened a Brand Image database, then when i click on particular disk, it throws 404 error.
  11. i don't know, a quick google shows that you can switch HBA mode in card BIOS, but i don't know if and how it works then.. Yes, i have some IBM 1015 - it needs cross-flashed to IT mode. but be careful with cards from china, it's a big chance you will get fake card..
  12. there will be no problems with CPUs - unraid works with most hardware that can run Linux.. but i'm not sure about LSI controller - LSI 3108 is RAID controller - these are not recommended for unraid. you can choose https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/X10DRH-CLN4 it have LSI 3008 - a plain HBA, works with unraid out of the box.
  13. it's the same for me too! i have Guacamole setup just running, but lastly i'm moving slowly to meshcentral2 https://www.meshcommander.com/meshcentral2. to me it adds a value to connect to another desktop like in teamviever to support another person. RDP still works, VNC too. according RDP, if you need it through browser, then Guacamole is still the champ in UX - works very well like native Windows RDP. i'm running this Meshcentral in docker too, so, if anyone have an interest, just ask.
  14. i think you should check with VMWare compatibility matrix first..
  15. if you need some subtitles to burn in, this is not direct-stream anymore. your CPU is doing this job..
  16. Try VMWare or Proxmox, a have experience with both, works as expected.
  17. i have a freeRadius on top of pfSense running as VM...
  18. try contact Supermicro tech support, they are very responsive in my experience.
  19. uldise


    i have jitsi running on VM, so i don't know where the config file resides on this container. Usually all config files are on appdata config folder that is mapped to particular container. on my system there is a file logging.properties near videobridge config file, and you set .level variable to WARNING for example to log only warning level and above. according RAM usage - i don't notice any huge increase over time in my VM.
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    look at your LOG file sizes inside a container. by default, it logs all info messages. you should change log levels for each of container.
  21. uldise


    i have some success with Jitsi-meet install on VM, or more precisely on Ubuntu LXC container under Proxmox. the biggest problem was to get it working with Apache reverse proxy. and i don't have video recording know, cos it looks like it must be installed on Linux with X server?