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Cache drive filling up, can't figure out cause

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Thanks in advance for any help/enlightenment on the subject.


I have a 480gb ssd as a cache drive, up until last week it was just under 50% usage, now its at like 98% I have around 17gb free out of 480.  I haven't added any new dockers.  I do have a vm, but I believe both disk images are on the array.  I have a 1tb nvme waiting to be used as the new cache drive or as part of a cache pool with the 480.  I want to copy the current files on the cache over to the array so I don't lose any configurations, and  then copy them back to the cache drive/pool.  I do use the cache drive for plex transcoding but I've went through the folders and there's no residual data there for that purpose.  Attached is the diagnostics zip.  If anyone has any insight on whats going and how I can save all the data on the cache so that I can either change to the 1tb or create the cache pool, I'd appreciate it.




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On your shares configurations, two of them in particular, you have "prefer" configured for the Use Cache setting. This means that when Mover runs, it will copy data from the Array Drives to the Cache drive. Double check that those shares are not using up the space.

  • d----e.cfg
  • t-------e.cfg


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24 minutes ago, Spectral Force said:

dUnder those 2 shares, there were no files in them.  I changed them to no for cache drive just to be safe.  Any other thoughts/suggestions?

This will leave them on the cache drive as No tells mover to ignore them.   If you want them on the array then change them to Yes and run mover (or simply delete them off the cache if you are certain they are empty).   After that you can set them to No so they remain on the array if new files are created in those shares.

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