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  1. It looks like Pterodactyl-panel had an update a few days ago. It doesn't seem the container is pulling it down. Could this be updated for the new version?
  2. Hopefully this isn't more confusing. For Conan Exiles mods, its supposed to be able to just use the mods file name in a text file, each mod on its own line. I've had issues with this part in the past, idk if they fixed it. There are 2 other alternatives to this, 1. mapping the exact location in the folder, (ie on windows c:\servers\conan exiles\mods\mod.pak) Example is not accurate path. 2. mapping the full steam workshop link (ie. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880454836) IIRC this is being run with WINE, however I've never dealt with WINE, I am assuming that it uses the same setup as windows for pathing? IMO if the text file works, that would probably be the best option. With all this being said, I haven't run a CE server in around a year-ish.
  3. No worries. You can refer people to me for CSMM and 7DTD.
  4. I'm very late to the party, haven't been checking the forums but I've never run an Ark server. 7DTD is my area.
  5. Pterodactyl panel: I did a fresh install, dropped the existing db from Mariadb, completely removed the directory from appdata. Error still exists: http://prntscr.com/tfz5av I go to access the gui and get a 500 error. Settings I'm using: http://prntscr.com/tfz7x7 Another attempt with the same error. http://prntscr.com/tfz8ju I don't know what changed but I had this working before.
  6. For pterodactyl-panel I'm getting the following error in the unraid log Anyone have a solution for this? I've already applied the mariadb db add mentioned previously in this thread. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  7. Yes please. I will test it otu and reply if any issues exist but won't be for a good 10 hours ish. I head to bed now.
  8. The docker template, is that a generic unraid template or specific to ich's release of this? Containers aren't my thing so not quite sure what you mean? I'm not sure what the difference is between a "standard" container vs what unraid uses.
  9. I did but never got around to addressing it. If you want you can PM for the official discord. However i had issues with my unraid and Ich took down the container so I can't re download it. If there was an example/template of what needs to be done for unraid I can probably have the author fork out an official container.
  10. I missed this message. I did have it working and was working well.
  11. Here are the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wX_VydFm1ETp2cVtPgRrQ5TxQtG2C2ed/view?usp=sharing Also I deleted and re downloaded the container.
  12. Minecraft folder: http://prntscr.com/rgr8ri Server.Properties:
  13. It keeps loading a vanilla map not the custom map. replaced the server.jar with a previous snapshot as well as put the custom skyblock map named as world. changed the config to match, but map is still base vanilla. Not sure why.
  14. I installed the Minecraft Basic server this morning and I'm trying to set it up with a custom map, Skyblock 1.14, downloaded an older server.jar as well. Anyone have any thoughts on getting the custom map to work?