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  1. Ich, didn't you use to have a DayZ docker?
  2. Generic docker question: What software can be turned into a docker?
  3. ok I'll have to test it to see if it auto restarts then. -- Tested and working. Great now I can have my admins just run the shutdown cmd and it'll auto restart. You sir are a genius! Thanks!
  4. you set it and forget it. Something needs to tell the game to initialize. On linux one of the devs created a script to manage the server, starts/stops/backups/game creation. Are you talking if unraid crashes or the game server crashes?
  5. Is there a way to run cron jobs from with in the 7D docker? i want to set up the ability to restart the server if it either crashes or one of my admins needs to restart it due to lag or something.
  6. I don't believe there is an Arma 3 DayZ mod, afaik. I remember looking for one for a while but never found one. Plus I'd have to convince my friends to buy arma 3.
  7. None of my players have reported any issues. I'm also running a 16k map too. Iirc ram tends to spike during larger horde nights. What's your general usage Mort?
  8. No problemo! Thanks! Also, if I wanted to run a 2nd instance of 7 Days to die, what would I have to do to make that happen in your docker?
  9. Hey Ich, I'd like to request a DayZ Arma 2 mod docker. Do you think you could add it to your list?
  10. Update: IT'S ALLLLLIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!! Server is online, I'm loading it now, it'll take a few minutes due to map size but its working. Thanks ICH so much for your help. Sorry this was such a pain and me being a newb with dockers.
  11. Thank You! I know this is a pain w/o you having the game for self testing. I never use the navezgame which is the predetermined map, no fun if you know where everything is. I will update the docker and try again. I did run into another issue but I'll see if after updating it gets resolved. I'm going to do a fresh install and see how it goes.
  12. It seems every time I restart the docker, it regenerates the game world. Unless I'm seeing something else in the docker log and takes a long time to boot up, almost 10 minutes. If I have to do a server restart will it go through the whole process again and will it overwrite whats established?
  13. You're right, I did miss the 25020 UDP. I have it on the firewall but not the docker. I'll try your original ports which probably work, but since they are already in use on another physical ip I had to change them. I'll try your original ports but any angry threats/complaints I get from my players for taking the server down will be sent to you. LOL 😂😂 Can a docker do a port range? Could I just do like UDP Ports: 25021-25030 as 1 entry or doesn't it allow that?
  14. Based on my experience, 7D servers don't always show if you do the 3 ports especially since A16. I found opening a 5 port block will always list the server both in the steam list and in the 7D server browser. 27010-27020 is already assigned to my other server.