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  1. Greetings. I am getting an error when backup finishes saying " A error occurred somewhere. Not Deleting old backup sets of appdata." I'm not sure if I have it configured wrong or if something else is going on. Log attached below. Thanks in advance for any help. backup.log
  2. You can join my discord, check the welcome channel and role yourself. Done properly you can ask your questions in the unraid channel. https://discord.gg/VwwYA5h
  3. Valheim had an update yesterday, restart the container. if you are running mods, they may need updating.
  4. Just stop the container. I use the app from thunderstore.io to get the mods & copy/paste the ones that are server required into the valeheim>bepinex>plugins and the respective config files into the config directory.
  5. Could have asked in 7DAC discord as I dont check the forums a lot. opposite of Ich. The restart button issues the shutdown cmd to the7d server. CSMM rarely needs to be restarted. Besides updates I think ive restarted it 2 times for any syncing issue. Discord. make sure you linked your discord in your csmm profile.
  6. 50 not 500 up? if its only 50 that coukd be the issue. not enough up bandwidth.
  7. Im running both valheim & 7 days and have no issues. The containers shouldn't be affecting each other at all. Are you sure the 7d issue isn't when someone joins & downloads the map?
  8. Make sure to give yourself the unraid role so you can ask in the proper channel and @ me so that I know you're asking and can respond. Same user name.
  9. Had you joined my discord, like Ich advised & asked there, this would have all been resolved by now. I'm the one who asked Ich to make the container. Ich doesn't run a 7d server, csmm or plays 7d for that matter. My discord is dedicated to 7D admins.
  10. What is your user name? I haven't seen any questions on my discord about this.
  11. Awesome, wasn't sure if it would update as it previously did. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I had removed it before updating, but I have found it again. Had to look under the author to find it.