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  1. Update: IT'S ALLLLLIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!! Server is online, I'm loading it now, it'll take a few minutes due to map size but its working. Thanks ICH so much for your help. Sorry this was such a pain and me being a newb with dockers.
  2. Thank You! I know this is a pain w/o you having the game for self testing. I never use the navezgame which is the predetermined map, no fun if you know where everything is. I will update the docker and try again. I did run into another issue but I'll see if after updating it gets resolved. I'm going to do a fresh install and see how it goes.
  3. It seems every time I restart the docker, it regenerates the game world. Unless I'm seeing something else in the docker log and takes a long time to boot up, almost 10 minutes. If I have to do a server restart will it go through the whole process again and will it overwrite whats established?
  4. You're right, I did miss the 25020 UDP. I have it on the firewall but not the docker. I'll try your original ports which probably work, but since they are already in use on another physical ip I had to change them. I'll try your original ports but any angry threats/complaints I get from my players for taking the server down will be sent to you. LOL 😂😂 Can a docker do a port range? Could I just do like UDP Ports: 25021-25030 as 1 entry or doesn't it allow that?
  5. Based on my experience, 7D servers don't always show if you do the 3 ports especially since A16. I found opening a 5 port block will always list the server both in the steam list and in the 7D server browser. 27010-27020 is already assigned to my other server.
  6. Possibly, but I have an active server with those ports already running on another active 7d server on my network. I'd have to take that offline to do it.
  7. Update: I changed the ports like you said, I can connect to telnet so far, just waiting for everything to finish starting up but its looking good. OK, so still wont' show up in the server list. http://prntscr.com/npm5o3 Docker Ports http://prntscr.com/npm77c From the docker Edit area http://prntscr.com/npm7gt Forwarded Ports Attached: Server config sans passwords. Not sure wtf is going on and why it's not showing. serverconfig.xml
  8. So why is it have to delete them and not just change values? Just curious.
  9. Ok so what I did was replace the default ports you had like the game port is tcp 26900 with 25050. Do I have to delete your entry with 26900 and then create my own with 25050?
  10. So I just can't replace the base port with the one I want to use? When I get home from work I will post a screenshot of the ports and attach my server config sans passwords. Thanks.
  11. I have changed the ports in the docker to match my serverconfig.xml. All ports are forwarded in the router. Telnet is turned on in the serverconfig with the matching port set in the docker. You do have the port in the docker for telnet but you have it called something else, also at work so can't remember off the top of my head. By default that port is 8080. I can post screenshots later if that would help.
  12. Ok Ich, I'm needing a little help with the 7D docker. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Ports are forwarded correctly in my firewall. The docker downloads the server files fine, I setup my game, restart the docker so the server starts and generates the world, server appears to be running, but I can't connect via telnet nor does it show up in the game browser. I can provide the log from unraid if necessary. Just not sure why I can't find it when it seems to be running. Anyone else with the 7D docker is more than welcome to chime in. This is my first foray into running any kind of game server via a docker. I've been running 7DTD servers since 2016 so its not a new thing to me.
  13. Ok good to know. I will volunteer to be a test dummy for any game that I own and can help with and I only will request servers for what I do own. Re: Alloc's server script https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Installation I have used this on my linux vm from A15 to A16.4, but had an issue and lost my vm so now I"m just running them on windows save for your docker. I'm rooted in the 7d community and if you need any questions answered I can help.
  14. I would like to request Conan Exiles and Outlaws of the Old West for dedicated servers if they are possible. Please and thank you! Also I've been reading through some of the posts and most server files are free and do not require to purchase the game, even for linux. Not sure if you were aware of that. Also for 7DTD Alloc has linux script that will download and install steamcmd and the server files. I can provide a link if interested.
  15. I updated to the 6.7 rc5 and it seemed to fix the issue without having to make those changes. It did freeze again but I believe the cpu was taxed too much and for precautionary reasons applied the suggested changes. I figured with a ryzen 5 2400g I should be ok, but seems plex transcoding is rocking my cpu as well as downloading tv shows.