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  1. I installed the reddiscord-bot. However the container keeps shutting down. Not sure what's causing it. Has anyone had this issue and can shed some light? Or let me know which log to post to provide more in. Thanks.
  2. Instructions on how to install Darkness Falls are on the official 7 DTD forums. You'll need to access the 7dtd directory. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4941-darkness-falls-they-mostly-come-out-at-night/?tab=comments#comment-4941
  3. that shouldnt need replacing. im running 7dtd and valheim servers off the same steamcmd with no issues.
  4. Have you tried removing that instance fully, ie delete directory and starting from scratch?
  5. You need to actually delete aka remove, and then readd it. you can't just change the port numbers because the container port will still have the default ones and not use the new ones that you entered. http://prntscr.com/10d90q7 http://prntscr.com/10d91jj
  6. Im running 3 servers all with different ports. when you changed the ports you actually removed the default and readded them, as well as the variable GAME_PORT? you just didnt change the numbers around?
  7. Everything looks good in the config as far as I can tell. Try removing true from verify.
  8. can you post a screen shot. theres missing info i need to see.
  9. Can you post the config for this container?
  10. I run 3 valheim servers on the same unraid isntance.
  11. Yeah, the VH+ dev stated that it needs to be the same config both server and client side, glad you figured it out!
  12. Just a note on the Valheim container. I've been using it since February 5th and have yet to have an issue save for getting the server to update on the 9th, that was a steam issue not a container issue. I am currently running 3 instances of the container, running the 62 minute backups and having 0 issues. 1. It works 2. Make sure your ports are forwarded correctly. 3. Check your GAME_PORT if you are having problems connecting via IP 4. It is not a container problem that your server is not showing up in the in game server browser, that's a Valheim issue. Some times it takes 5 minutes or so to show up. You can click join game, community and use the filter to find your server. The server browser is limited to approximately 5000 servers, the game has sold 4 million copies, do the math. 5. Search this thread for previous Valheim issues, more than likely its happened and been solved. Poor @ich777 has around 40 containers he's supporting. 6. Valheim is in an alpha state, which mean, it will break, there will be glitches, devs will get to them when they deem they need too. The game is 23 days old. Thank you for coming to my Spectral talk.
  13. I'm late to the party, but is this for 7DTD? The map has an issue generating on linux. You can generate on your pc and upload it to the appdata/7dtd, or you can use nitrogen which will generate the map quickly and then do the same steps to use it on the server.
  14. @ich777 I've been running my container server since Feb 5 with no issues. I have only restarted it once, I haven't seen the need to do it more than that, even with 6 players having played on it.
  15. I've tried going through my webhost and also tried gmail. Both say connection issues but the credentials are correct.
  16. Did you change the default file upload size? I sent mine to half a tb. I'm just having email connection issues.
  17. Once I finalize, how to I get back into the settings? I do not have a "Settings" link in the bottom right.
  18. First off you don't want to use telnet, its complete shit. There are server managers out there that connect via Alloc's server fixes api, like the CSMM-7DTD docker. I run a discord for 7D server owners and admins: https://discord.gg/VwwYA5h You can join and get tech support and help for running and managing a server. There are basic vanilla commands, you can access by typing help in the console.
  19. For anyone looking for help with running the 7 Days to Die server container or the 7DTD-CSMM container, you can join my discord community for 7DTD server owners and admins. https://discord.gg/VwwYA5h This is the best way to get a hold of me, I don't always see the PM's from the forum here.
  20. You get a cert for the subdomain not the ports.
  21. Yeah that's definitely wrong. I'll try changing the subdomain and see if that works. Even with a new subdomain it still is going to that smiles survey, which is weird, should I contact my domain provider at this point?
  22. @mattie112 Getting back to this. I can ping from the container. When I do the dry run, it says Cerbot is already running. I get the following error from the log My CNAME and duckdns.org url are linked. Thanks for your help!