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Unraid Error

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I have been running unraid on an old desktop PC for a couple years now for general back-ups. Updated to version 6.7.2 a couple weeks back without issue. I believe the hardware is:


MB: Asus P5B delux, 8gb Ram

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 if I recall correctly

Drives: 3 seagate barracuda 4tb drives (1 for parity other 2 data), n old 1TB and 320GB seagates for data, and a 250gb SSD for cache


Today after initiating a few file transfers I was sent several errors stating that the parity was not valid and then that drive 1, a 4tb seagate had errors.  I briefly started a read check but stopped it as the error count of drive 1 was increasing rapidly appearing as though the entire drive was having errors. 


I have limited programming experience and the system has been running mostly on autopilot for sometime now with occasional parity checks so I just don't recall much about how to properly interact with and troubleshoot as I did when I was first setting it up a few years back. I have not changed or attempted anything else since the error. 


If anyone might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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No SMART for parity or disk1. 


Check all connections, power and SATA, both ends including any power splitters.


Then post new Diagnostics.

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After 2 reboots and some sata and power cord jiggling and re-seating all drives are back up.  So I suppose it may have been loss of data or power from the Mobo which may just finally be showing it’s age with finicky ports. Everything is backed up but I will have to work on a replacement. 


Thank you very much for the help!

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